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World War II Veterans
month, it is the intention of the VFW and American Legion to focus attention on many of our members who have served in World War II.  We have determined that those with whom we have spoken are the only members who still survive from that time, and wish to thank them in advance for their c...

Walnut Grove Ambulance Recognition and Recruitment
    Walnut Grove — Want to give back to your community, and have some fun? Monday June 1, the Walnut Grove Ambulance Service will hold a gathering at the Plum Creek Park. ...

WWG seniors will graduate Sunday
will be the final chapter in the 2015 graduating class as the seniors march into the WWG gymnasium to receive their diplomas. For most the last thing they do will be an emotional day for both the students and their families. ...

Michele Freeburg Lands Big Grants Michele Freeburg Lands Big Grants
acting differently the past couple  of years. Does she or he ask for more fruits and vegetables at meal time? Well you can blame or credit Walnut Grove head cook Michele Freeburg. ...

Obituary Obituary
Carole Jean Cassens...

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Between the Lines
    It’s that time of the year when everything seems to be coming up green — grass, flowers, and crops. It has  been a great spring for planting just about anything, along with very timely rains. It is starting out to be a great summer. Of course with the early graduat...



No One Shows up For Tax Meeting
    westbrook — Before the regular council meeting Gail Bondhus from the county assessors office made a presentation on the parameters of tax information for the City of Westbrook. ...


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