DELHI, California (STPNS) -- Not all Delhi businesses have buildings and storefronts. Lifelong Delhi resident Diana Davis Rodgers has a business in Delhi and her storefront can be viewed from around the world.

Rodgers owns and operates Sugar Plum Pixies, an online store featuring her handmade hair pieces, clothing and other accessories. She originally made the hair pieces as a hobby. As more people saw what she could do, they first started asking her to make some for them. Some wanted them for their own children, others wanted them to give as gifts. Eventually, people started encouraging her to take her hobby to the next level and market her talent.

?I'll try it and see what happens,? Rodgers said she thought as more people encouraged her.

In February 2005, she launched the website and since then her hobby has grown into a nice, small, local business. Things continue to go well for her. As is the case with most retail sales, there are some times that are better than others.

?I like doing it,? she said.

In addition to the website, her bows are featured at salons and at least one area hospital. Her creations can be found at Bernies House of Style in Hilmar on Lander. She looks forward to one day having them featured in a salon in Delhi. She said she likes the idea of having something made and sold in Delhi.

?Someday it may be neat to have a bricks and mortar shop,? she said.

But for now, she's happy with the way her business is structured.

?Family comes first,? said Rodgers.

For Delhi customers, she's willing for forgo the shipping. She is willing to deliver products to local customers.

With the fall line of clothing coming in, Rodgers is pushing out the spring line, so there are some great deals available. She said she also promotes discount codes locally, so keep an eye open for them. A special offer is available to Delhi Express readers. Please e-mail her at for details.

?Just because something's not on the site, doesn't mean I can't get it,? Rodgers said to encourage people to think Delhi first and shop locally through her website.

It is also important to note that she keeps a box of her handmade bows and other items with her when she's out and about, just in case someone needs something.

Sugar Plum Pixies is now a sponsor of the PhotoBugBaby contest, as well. She adds that she features children wearing her products on her website. No names are listed and it is with the consent of the child's parents. So, if you or someone you know would like to have your child model these locally made products, let her know.

If you need a five-piece suit for your son, she has that too. In fact, she carries them year-round. Visit to see more of the special occasion wear and locally made products.