WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Herbert Reese American Legion Post #391 has released a list of organizations supported during 2016 through the Post's charitable gambling activities conducted at its Storden facility.

    In 2016 the Post gave scholarships totaling $3,000 to Red Rock Central, and Westbrook-Walnut Grove graduating high school seniors; contributed $2,000 to fundraisers for individuals with health issues; gave $2,000 to the Storden Area First Responders and $1000 to the Storden Fire Department; supported the American Cancer Society Cottonwood County Relay for Life with a $500 contribution; provided curriculum and supplies to Storden Area Community Bible School with a $1,000 gift; gave $500 to support youth activities in the Storden area; and $350 to military veterans' programs including those at the Luverne Veterans' Home.

    From 2011 to 2015 the Post gave scholarships totaling $8,750; $1,000 to fundraisers; $4,000 to the Storden Area First Responders; $4,000 to the Storden Fire Department; $2,500 to the Relay for Life; $5,000 to the Storden Area Community Bible School; $1,000 to veterans' programs, $800 to Martha's Pantry, Westbrook; and $4,000 to youth programs, including $3,500 towards the construction of a basketball court in Storden's city park.

    Recognizing the importance of capturing, preserving and sharing the stories of the Cottonwood County military veterans the Post contributed $6,000 to the Cottonwood County Historical Society for the development and construction of its Veterans' exhibit and data base.

    Charitable or "lawful" gambling is a subset of the types of gambling officially sanctioned and regulated by the state of Minnesota. Qualifying non-profit organizations, including Post 391 are allowed to conduct one or more of five "lawful" forms of gambling; Herbert Reese conducts pull-tabs, cardboard tickets that are opened to determine winners. The state regulates all aspects charitable gambling including the collection of special gambling taxes. By state law profits from charitable gambling can only be given to certain qualifying causes.