WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG  ó The last time the Chargers reached the semi final game of Section 3A was 1998 almost 20 years ago. Oddly enough the Chargers faced the same team ó Central Minnesota Christian school from Prinsburg.

    While this yearís team was not even born at that time, today they are young men with very good basketball skills along with a ton of talent.

    The Chargers got a monkey off their backs in the semi final section game against Red Rock Central last Saturday night at the RA Center at Southwest Minnesota State University.

    The R A Center was filled with charged up fans of longtime rivals. There were just a few seats unoccupied with both side bleachers filled to capacity.

    Just prior to that game Central Minnesota Christian had knocked off RTR for the third time this season. CMC stayed alive to win when RTRís last shot didnít drop, giving  the  Bluejays a 57-56 victory over the nights.

    They say itís hard to beat a team three times in a season. Well the Chargers took that old adage to heart after losing to the Falcons twice during the regular season.

    The Chargers played hard and fast, however both teams were unable to find the hoop in the early going. It took almost three minutes before either team scored when RRC got a bucket at 15:05 in the first half. The Chargers then gained the lead, and took a 26-24 lead to the locker room.

    In the  second half the Chargers opened the lead to 32-26 right away, and RRC never really got close.

    With about four minutes to play RRCís Trevor Pederson fouled out, and the Falcons were never able to overcome the Chargers who won by an 8 point margin 57-49.

    The Chargers will face off against the Central Minnesota Christian  Bluejays Thursday evening at 8:00 at the RA at Southwest Minnesota State University at Marshall.