WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Sanford Health and the Westbrook Hospital Board have signed a ten-year lease to continue care at the Sanford Westbrook Medical Center.

    “The members of the hospital board and Sanford Health have the same mission to provide high quality health care to the people of the Westbrook area,” said board president Gene Lindaman. “We're pleased to continue our relationship with Sanford Health.”

    Sanford has leased the medical center since 1998.  The new lease includes an option to extend the relationship an additional 10 years following the new 10 year term that begins on June 1.

    “This new agreement emphasizes the long-term commitment from Sanford Health to care for those in Westbrook and surrounding communities,” said Stacy Barstad, senior director of Sanford Westbrook.  “The medical services offered by Sanford are critically important for our communities.”

    Sanford Westbrook Medical Center works with Sanford Tracy Medical Center to provide health care throughout the region. The medical center includes a hospital, clinic and visiting outpatient medical specialty services.