WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     At 3:00 o’clock the third Laura and Nellie Look Alike contest started with 19 Laura contestants and 2 Nellie contestants. Lowell Highby (who plays Doc Hoyt) acted as emcee and he was assisted by Megan Ruble (who plays Margaret Kennedy) assisting with asking the questions based on the book “On the Banks of Plum Creek.” Also assisting were Breeley Ruble who plays Nellie, and Jacey Altermatt who plays Laura.

    After the contestants completed the question interview the judges narrowed the field to three Lauras’ and the two Nellies. Then the three Lauras and two Nellies acted out a short scene from the  pageant. The judges named Cecilia DiPol of Harrisburg, South Dakota as week three Laura winner, and Lauren Pung of Detroit Lakes as the Nellie winner.

    Laura winner Cecilia DiPol is 10 years old, and her parents are Pete and Tina DiPol of Harrisburg. Cecelia said this is her first time  visiting Walnut Grove, but she said she had been to DeSmet for the Wilder Pageant there.  She said they plan on going to the museum later and attending the pageant that evening.

    She  says her favorite  book is On the Banks of Plum Creek. Cecilia says it has been fun being in Walnut Grove, especially being in the Laura and  Nellie contest.

    She says I know all of the sites,  and I hope to someday visit all of them.

    Eight year old Lauren Pung lives in Detroit Lakes, her  parents are Jorn and Stacie Pung. Pung said this was her first time  in Walnut Grove. They will be attending the pageant that evening, and  on Sunday they will go to the Wilder Museum, dugout,  and visit a couple of other sites around Walnut Grove.

    She says her favorite book is “The Big Woods.” Their family will be going  to DeSmet in a couple of weeks.

    Lauren’s father  Jorn is currently serving in the Army at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan.