WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG   Where has the summer gone it is late August already, there is heavy dew on the morning grass, it has been, as of late, what they say is great sleeping weather. But when the end of summer comes, it  is time for students, teachers, administrators and families to buckle up and get ready for another year of getting our young people educated.

    Much has been done over the summer from painting to roof repairs. The halls and rooms have been scrubbed and polished and are all ready to go.

    Elementary Principal Paul Olson says he is excited with the pre-school enrollment numbers. There is 65 3, 4, and 5 year old kids enrolled in three classes. They are taught by Kathy Filter, Angie Koblegard, and Jamie Olsen.

    Olson said :we will have After School Academy again this year. There will be two week groupings every two weeks to help kids that need to upgrade their skills in math and reading in areas where they show weakness in state testing. The classes will begin after school in October.

    Olson says Karley McClellan and Jamie Olson will be running the Early Childhood Family Education program (ECFE) this fall.  There will  be eight meals and activities held on Mondays from 5:30 to 7:00 at the WWG High School in Westbrook. There will be no meeting in January due to the cold weather.

    Olson said, the summer staff has done a great job preparing the buildings for another great year at the elementary school.

    Principal/Superintendent Loy Woelber said, I feel much more comfortable in the dual role, especially with the kids,  and learning more about the families. He says it hurts to lose some kids to on line learning and those who move to other districts. But he wants them to know if things dont work out for them, we will always welcome  them back to our school.

    The summer staff at both schools have done a fantastic job of getting the buildings in ship shape. In Walnut Grove the west wing of the building has had the windows replaced and walls insulated with foam to help make that area much more energy efficient. At the secondary school the main  entrance has been replaced with a new door unit, and the upper outside half of the gymnasium has received a fresh coat of paint, making it look like new again. Roofing projects at Walnut Grove have  been completed. Security cameras both at Walnut Grove and Westbrook are being installed.

    They are starting the year with really good people  at both sites. They are fortunate to have only one  new teacher on staff this year, Tasha Nelson, a home town Westbrook woman and sister to music instructor Luke Nelson.  She will be joining him as the elementary and high school band director.