WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Wwg ó  Superintendent Loy Woelber called for a resolution to ask the voters of the district to pass an operational levy. The new  levy will revoke and replace the current levy at the general election in November.

    The board has discussed this action for the past several months noting that the deficits have begun to eat away at the districtís fund balance each year. In the past the district has been able to find cost reductions to help cut the deficit. But it is getting harder to find  those cuts, and the district does not want to cut good programs and staff that is needed to have a successful school.

    The current levy revenue is set at $301,568. The new levy proposal which will be raised with a revoke and repalcement levy of $1,750. The old levy was $760.00, the new levy will bring in an additional $392,832. The board passed the resolution to increase the levy.

    Elementary Principal Paul Olson told the board they will have $18,000 less to work with in the Title 1 and 2 program due to budget cuts from the Trump administration cuts to education.

    Athletic administrator Leo Theisen gave a report on the fall athletics  and schedule. The volleyball team will have its first match August 28 against Edgerton at WWG. He also noted there was very good attendance at the fall athletic pot luck.

    Superintendent/principal Woelber gave his report. He noted the technology department purchased 25 Chrome books with a stand and chargers for the high school.

    Woelber is waiting to see if the building trades class would get to build camp cabins for the Plum Creek Regional Park expansion. He also said he would like to see the building trades class build storage sheds in small work groups.

    Klasse Sales  and Service has located a very nice 2014 mini van.  The new van will be used as a spare in Westbrook,  and for teachers to take to meetings. The school has two spare vans in Walnut Grove, and they will be sending a mini bus to pick up students in Lamberton.

    Woelber says the lunch program in Westbrook will be cut to one  lunch period due to low numbers of participation.

    Woelber talked about the Medal of Honor Foundation in Minnesota, they are trying to raise 1 million dollars to build a Medal of Honor Memorial at the capitol. Woelber said he and Sheryl plan  to hold a fund raising event at their farm.

    Woelber  said he  is working on some things to help integrate seventh grade students into the secondary school building.

    The board approved  a resolution for a long term facility plan and expenditures for the next ten years.

    The board approved Action Plan Update for the 2017-18 school year.

    The board approved the hiring of the following employees: paras Marcia Erickson, Mary Noomen, Charity Rasmussen; junior high volleyball coach Courtney Locke; Walnut Grove kitchen  Megan Alexander; Dasha Mumm as school nurse.

    Cameras are being installed in Westbrook and Walnut Grove buildings.

    A new doorway is being installed at the main entrance to the secondary school in Westbrook.

    The siding on the west wing  of the elementary has been completed.         The outside of the high school gym has been repainted and looks very nice.

    Roof repairs in Walnut Grove  have been completed.

    The board approved an updated meal charges debt collection policy. Mr. Woelber says since instating the policy a few years ago they do not have much of a problem with it. However he notes if people do have a problem paying for lunches they should come in and fill out the paper work to have their children receive free or reduced lunches.