WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --         Mumm was recently hired as the school nurse at the school. She will  work one day a week on Tuesdays, splitting her time between buildings but primarily at the elementary building. More time will be spent for routine screenings and busy times at school during the year.

    She also is a full time RN at Sanford Medical Center  in Tracy.  

    Dasha is a 2005 graduate of WWG school. She and her husband, Josh, live on a farm northeast of Walnut Grove. They have three children, Aidan 6th grade, Aleigha 4th grade and Easton 2nd grade, that will  be starting school at WWG this year.

    She says they are a little nervous,  but mainly excited for the new adventure at school, meeting friends and being a part of smaller classes. Her husband works at Meadowland Farmers Coop Elevator in Walnut Grove.

    “I will be sending letters home with each student within the first couple of weeks of the school year. This will be regarding my contact information and the health requirements and information needed for each student.

    She says, I feel “at home” being back in  the buildings of WWG and can’t  wait for a fantastic and healthy school year!