MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Oregon (STPNS) -- The third season of the “Give Back To Schools” program at the Spring Creek Holly Farm, has earned them this year’s Reader’s Choice nomination as the McKenzie Valley’s “Business of the Year.”

The program, started in 2010, connects sales of Christmas trees to direct donations to the school of your choice. People simply tell Spring Creek Holly Farm the name of the school to donate to and at the end of the year that school will receive a donation of 50% of the retail price a customer paid for their tree. All schools are eligible to participate, there are no limits and anyone or any group can purchase trees for a school.

In the initial year of the program, Spring Creek Holly Farm donated $2,500 to 38 local schools. Last year, donations rose to over $4,600 to 47 schools.

“I know they’re just breaking even and certainly not making a profit,” one reader noted. Another said, “I’m glad they’re doing this, it shows they really care.”

Top 5 recipients for the 2011 donations were: Thurston Elementary School $522, Charlemagne at Fox Hollow Elementary $516, Walterville Elementary School $516, McKenzie High School $468, and Ridgeview Elementary School $388.