WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook  —  Allen J. Pierson, a Westbrook native, has written and composed over 750 songs over the past 40 years. His songs are what he calls relaxing music and most are instrumental. “So many of my songs do not have words so it is relaxing,” he said.

    More recently Pierson began setting poetic lyrics to some of his songs. He self published a collection of about 70 of his poems in a book titled  Healing Streams.

    Pierson began his musical career in 1972 and has recorded 5 CD’s  with a wide selection of songs.  Pierson not only writes the songs, he also does his own recording in his home sound studio.

    He has  sold about 40 copies of his book in Tracy where he and his wife, Debbie,  live.

    His book is available in Westbrook at Maynard's grocery store. Pierson is planning a book signing  at Maynard’s in the near future.