WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Beginning in January 2013, Angie Horkey and her new cafe, The Recipe, will cater Westbrook's meals on wheels program and the new "diner's club" for senior dining through Lutheran Social Service. Horkey has been the senior dining site manager for Lutheran Social Service since 2007, serving meals from the Westbrook Community Center. As with Senior Dining, anyone 60+ or older is eligible to participate in the new Diner's Club; non-Westbrook residents are also welcome.

    "Lutheran Social Service is thrilled to partner with Angie and support her new business.

Besides Senior Dining and Meals on Wheels, one of our other options in Senior Nutrition is the Diner's Club concept which we currently operate with other restaurants. The Diner's Club option provides more choices in senior dining, which is what we're hearing mature adults want," remarked Sarah Anderson, Assistant Director for the LSS Senior Nutrition Program in Cottonwood County. "Older adults don't want to be tied down to reserving a meal to be eaten at a particular time and place.  The Diner's Club at The Recipe has longer hours that you can go and eat, and you don't need to reserve Your meal ahead of time. Just go when you feel like it!"

    "The Diner's Club concept works with seniors purchasing a ticket for the cost of a donation at Bank Midwest. Then you bring your ticket to the cafe and choose your meal from a select menu just for the Diner's Club," explained Horkey. "Volunteers will pick up the meals on wheels from the cafe and deliver them as usual. The meals are similar to traditional Senior Dining meals and include milk, bread and dessert. A menu will be published in the newspaper just like before, coffee costs extra though!" Or you can call the cafe at 274-5352.

    The Diner's Club hours at The Recipe will be Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Participants are eligible to use one meal ticket, per person, per day. Diner's Club meal tickets can be purchased at Bank Midwest. There is a suggested donation of $3 .85 per meal ticket. Each meal ticket is for one meal per person. No one age-eligible will be denied a meal ticket because of inability to donate. An annual registration form is also required.

    "LSS likes to support local businesses with the senior meal program dollars when possible and where it's a win-win for everyone. We feel we have that win-win relationship with Angie," commented Anderson further. "If you rarely come to senior dining, please consider dining more often through the Diner's Club at The Recipe. Family members can purchase meal tickets for you as gifts as well."

    For 40 years, LSS has provided nutritious, low-cost meals for seniors 60+, along with home delivered meals to homebound seniors, in northwest and north-central Minnesota.

    Information about services and the location of nutrition sites can be found at www.lssmn.org/nutrition.