WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     The Walnut Grove City Council met in a regular session on the 11th day of March, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the council room.  Greg Hansen, Xiong Yang, Todd Harrington, Jeff Harnack, Leonard McLaughlin, Kerwin Armitage, Mike Zeug and Tom Hansen were present.

    Discussion was held on replacing the Christmas lights on Main Street with Christmas Banners next year.  The council approved the purchase of 15 banners for Main Street and 8 Christmas lights for the Boulevard for $3500.  This will be paid for with General Fund reserves as it was budgeted for a couple years ago.  

    Mayor Hansen presided at the meeting.  The Bar & Grill remodel was discussed by the council and the invoices were approved for payment.  

    Tom Hansen discussed the maintenance report with the council.  He will be asking for a quote from Bargen for crack filling.  Discussion was held on trading in the tractor in 2014 to stay on the 5 year schedule.  The council will decide on this in a few months.

    City Wide Cleanup will be held May 4, 2013.  All residents will be encouraged to clean up their yards during this time.  

    The Water/Wastewater report from People Service was reviewed by Kerwin Armitage.   All plant maintenance work orders have been completed for the month and all systems are running properly.  Discussion was held on the water leak by the Water Tower.  The leak was caused by 2 pipes becoming separated.  This repair was made by Quam Construction at a cost of $3900.00.  

    The Police Report was given by Chief Zeug.  The council approved the purchase of a new taser to be paid for with funds from the equipment budget in 2013.  Zeug will be hiring another part time officer to help cover weekends.  

    The Annual Fire and Ambulance Budget meeting was held February 26 at 1:00 p.m.   Ambulance and Fire budgets were reviewed and approved.

    Discussion was held on flood insurance in Walnut Grove.  The City of Walnut Grove will not participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.  

    The council approved a $75.00 donation to the Redwood County Fair.  

    2013 EDA Appointments were discussed and approved.  Dave Hoyt, Dave Herder, and Jacob Jenniges were reappointed.  Jenniges will be President, Hoyt Vice President and Amy Ankrum will be secretary.  

      Discussion was held on the cityís CDís that are coming due in April.  The council approved the purchase of the following CDís:

    Sewer Fund $100,000 12 month CD

    Water Fund $50,000 24 month CD

    Storm Water Fund $75,000 24 month CD

    Bar & Grill Fund $75,000 24 month CD

    EDA Rev. Loan Fund $75,000 12 month CD

    Walnut Grove Clinic Fund $25,000 24 month CD

    Walnut Grove General Fund $100,000 24 month CD

    The Disaster Recovery Plan was reviewed by the Council.  Tom Hansen was named Emergency Operation Supervisor with Andy Foster remaining as the Emergency Operation Manager.  

    The Book Mobile is no longer operational.  Instead, the Plum Creek Library System will be leaving books at both Country View and the city office for residents to borrow.  Workers will be in Walnut Grove twice each month at one of the locations.  

    The Walnut Grove American Legion has asked the council for permission to have a Street Dance on 7th Street between the Legion and Knakmuhs Agency on June 1, 2013.  The area will be fenced off and customers could only get into the fenced in area by going through the Legion.  The council approved this event.

    The Land Use application for Tom Wahl to put up a fence was approved by the council.

    The Board of Appeals and Equalization Public Meeting will be held April 15, 2013 at 6:30 at the City Office in Walnut Grove.  

    The council approved the Minutes for the February 11, 2013 regular meeting and approved Claims #34983 through 35043.