WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG Usually nine man foot ball has a lot of scoring on long plays, and that was no different than usual. Except often the scoring can be one sided creating lop sided scores on the score board, like 60-0 or 56-6. But this game was anything but lopsided as the two teams combined for 100 points total. However after a quarter and two minutes into the second quarter the  Patriots posted 26 points compared to six for the Chargers.

    The Pats scored twice in the first four minutes of the first quarter. The first came on a 12 yard run, and the second came after the Pats recovered a fumble inside the Chargers 40. On the second play the Patriot runner went 38 yards for their second score. The  successful two point conversion put the Pats up 14-0.

    Undaunted the Chargers got on the board with 5:42 to play in the quarter. Tristan Joel returned the kick 38 yards to the Chargers 46. Then Shane Buchman connected with Sean McCroskey for a 14 yard gain. Buchman picked up another 5 yards then he found Matt Otto on pass to the 6 yard line,  then Buchman scored from 4 yards out. After the extra point attempt failed the score was 14-6. The Patriots controlled the ball for the remainder of the period taking it down to the Chargers 11 yard line.

    Two plays later in the  second quarter the Pats punched it in from a yard out to boost their lead to 20-6. On the next series for the Chargers Buchman was picked off on a bizarre tip play that went off a players hands and another players helmet. On the next play the Pats scored on a 48 yard play. The point after failed but the Patriots upped their lead to 26-6.

In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be the nearest, William McKinley.

    It is doubtful that anyone on the Chargers football team thought of this quote when it seemed quite dark. However after that the Chargers literally took charge of the second quarter scoring four touchdowns, and four two point conversions to take the half time lead 38-26.

    On the next series Otto returned the kickoff to the 35 of the Pats, and on the next play a pass interference foul moved the ball to mid-field. two plays later Buchman connected with Otto taking it to the Pats 30. Buchman then completed a pass to Joel down to the Pats 10 yard  line. A play later Buchman threw to McCroskey for the score, Buchman threw to Levi Bunting for the 2 pointer.

    On the next kickoff the Pats muffed the short kick giving the ball to the Chargers on the Pats 45. A play later the Pats were flagged with a 15 yard interference call giving the Chargers a first down at the Pats 31. Four plays later the Chargers scored from 8 yards out, Buchman picked up the 2 point conversion.

    After another short kickoff the Pats turned the ball over on a fumble at their own 40. Matt Otto alertly scooped up the ball and raced untouched for the score. Bunting picked up the two point conversion on a pass from Buchman.

    On the next Patriot possession the defense held the Pats to three and out. The Chargers drive fizzled and they were forced to punt. The Pats recovered a fumble deep in Patriots territory. The Chargers started at the Pats 20. The Chargers scored on  an  11 yard strike to Joel, and the same combo picked up the 2 point conversion, making  the half time  score 38-26.

    The  beginning  of the third period the Pats closed the gap scoring a touchdown and an extra point. The Chargers unable to get anything going were forced to punt. Then the Pats held the ball for 15 plays taking it to the 1 yard line where the Chargers held for three straight downs. On the  first play of the 4th quarter the Pats punched it in on fourth down to gain back the lead at 40-38.

    On the next series the Chargers marched 65 yards on 6 plays scoring  on a 24 yard pass from Buchman to McCroskey. The extra point attempt failed but the Chargers took the lead at 44-38 with 10 minutes to play. The teams swapped possessions with neither scoring.

    Then the Pats put together a 88 yard scoring drive to take the lead at 48 to 44 with about 4 minutes to play.

    On the next series the Chargers started the drive at the 34 of the  Pats after Joels 12 yard kick return. two plays later Shane Buchman unable to find  a receiver tucked the ball away and rumbled 34 yards to the 24 of the Pats. Three plays later floated a beauty of a pass to McCroskey for the score with 1:47 left on the clock. The same duo picked up the two point conversion putting the Chargers up 52-48.

    The Pats quickly moved the ball down to the 14 of the Chargers, aided by a couple of  questionable penalties and non calls.  Tyson Berg then came up with a huge interception near the 10 yard line to seal the victory for the Chargers.

    Passing: Buchman  completed 24 of 38 passes for 278 yards.

    Rushing: Buchman had 75 yards, 2 TDs and an extra point on 11 carries; Otto had 25 yards  on 8 carries.

    Receiving: McCroskey had 10 catches for 138 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 extra point; Joel had 6 catches for 59 yards, a TD, an extra point; Bunting had 7 catches for 34 yards, 2 extra point conversions; M Otto had 2 catches for 50 yards.

    Punting: Christians had 4 punts for 138 yards.

    Kick returns: Joel had 4 for 110 yards; M Otto had 1 catch for 11 yards; Anthony Koch had 1 catch for 17 yards.

    Defense: Tyler Schoborg had 13 tackles; T Berg had 12 tackles and an interception; Joel had 10 tackles; M Otto had 9 tackles 1 interception, a fumble recovery, and a touchdown; Weis, McCroskey,  and Gundermann had 7 tackles plus .5 sacks for Gundermann; Jarmer and Buchman each had 6 tackles.