WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --      Special ó  If you like extreme cold and snow the upper midwest is the place for you to be.

    Last week the area received several inches of snow and after that the temperatures plummeted below zero and stayed in the low single digits during the day and well below zero at night. Wind chill ratings as low as minus fifty below in some areas of northern Minnesota made being outside very dangerous.

    It is probably one of the coldest spells the area has seen in many years for this time of the year.  

    If you are an ice angler that is good news for the lakes making good ice. On the down side the blanket of snow on top of the ice will have negative affect on oxygen levels, which can be deadly for fish.

    Sportsmanís clubs in the area have already run announcements that their aeration systems will be turned on  soon. So they urge people that venture out on the ice to be aware of open water wherever these aerators are in operation.

    The Red Rock Sportsmansí Club has aerators on both south and north Double Lake, and Bean Lake. Other lakes in the area include: Bloody, Buffalo, Shetek, Sarah, East and West Graham.