WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Well by now most of you have pretty well wrapped up your family Christmas celebrations, with festive meals, holiday music, gift giving and the most important thing, going to traditional Christmas church services.

    Best Friend and I were very blessed to have our sons, spouses and some of our grandchildren spend time with us during Christmas week. We had a really great time eating too much food and too many goodies, I apologize to Dr, Andy and his staff, I sort of blew my blood sugars a couple of those days, but am back on the wagon again.

    It is always fun to watch the excitement of the grandkids as they open their presents and wait patiently for Santa to fill their stockings.

    On a sad note, our son Joe and his wife Michele, had to put her dog Annie to sleep just before Christmas, so we were all bummed about that. But we were able to share some memories of Annie, she was really a special dog that was about 14 years old. She did have a really good life, but we all will miss her.

    It seems like it was only a year ago since I talked about New Yearís resolutions. Actually it was about a year ago. I guess the years really do go faster the older you get.

    Well most of us try giving up something for a New Yearís resolution. Some may want to smoke less or quit, some might want to lose some weight, while some might want to get more exercise. Those are all good things, but often they are difficult to maintain for more than a couple months or weeks.

     I guess for me I think it would make more sense to do things instead of giving things up. For instance we all could try to be just a little nicer to our friends, neighbors, relatives or even strangers. Although you might want to be careful engaging some strangers, particularly if they tend to look like they ought to be on a FBI ten most wanted poster!

    One simple thing you can do to most anybody is just give them a nice smile, especially if they donít have one of their own. That one is really easy to do and is almost effortless. To go along with that you might offer a friendly hello, how you doing.

    It is always nice to hold a door for someone especially if they are carrying a lot of packages or little kids. Also donít discriminate who you do it for, after all, on the inside we are mostly all alike, male and female not withstanding.

    A few weeks ago we got a letter from Mayor Dennis Digger Phelps about volunteering. Thatís a really big one especially in our small towns. There is always plenty of ways to volunteer, and some of them will turn out to be some of the most precious memories you will have.

    In our younger days, Best Friend and I both spent many years volunteering as

Cub Scout, and Boy Scout leaders. We fondly remember many things about those years and the other leaders that worked with us. It also brings back a lot of memories of our own kids that we were able to work with.

    I guess the bottom line is, if we want to make our world a better place to live we have to all do our share to make it that way.

    I wish you a blessed and happy New Year.

Have a great week and do good!