WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Well here we go again, starting a new year with new hopes and new dreams, or will it be dashed hopes and dashed dreams. Thatís one thing nice about the future, you never know whatís going to happen.

    A lot of people make New Yearís resolutions ó as losing weight, quitting smoking, and any other number of vices or problems. I really donít know the statistics on this, but Iíll bet that the majority of those resolutions will be cast aside within the first two months if not sooner.  

    Since this is not an advice column, I am not going to even think about giving any advice about any of those resolutions. But I can tell you this, Iíll bet that you can turn to just about any daytime TV show and get tons of advice from thousands of experts on just about any resolution. If you donít or canít  watch daytime TV, donít worry, most local fluff TV news casts have plenty of their own local internet psychological experts to get a plethora of information you probably already heard somewhere else.

    Then there is our old friend ďGoogleĒ probably the most comprehensive web browser around. Of  course, no matter what, you have to take 99.99 percent of what they tell you with a grain of salt.

    I always get a kick out of the famous high profile actors or entertainers who come on and talk about how they  maintain their healthy life style. Yeah, like if you have the money to afford a personal chef, fitness trainer, in home gyms, spas and pools. Iíll bet it would be just a tad easier than trying to balance raising kids, washing clothes, cooking meals,  cleaning the house, and a myriad of other chores that need to be done by both spouses that hold down at least one job, if not two or three.

    On the other  hand when it comes to our own health, we are somewhat in charge of how we manage that. A lot of that has to do with not just New Years resolutions but commitments to improving ones overall well being. Of course when it comes to your health, a lot of that comes from having really great genes, and not jeans. However a lot about improving our well being also has a lot to do with improving our

overall life style.

    As a diabetic I know full well how those things, particularly diet and exercise, contribute to keeping ones blood sugar in line. I also have to admit this brutal weather doesnít help with the fitness part of the equation.

    Of course when one thinks they are in tip top physical condition, it does not mean all is well. Just last week former mayor of Minneapolis, 59 year old R.T. Ryback, after cross country skiing for seven miles, suddenly noticed signs of a heart attack. An ambulance was called and he was transported to a near by hospital. He was having a heart attack.  A surgeon, inserted two stents, and he is doing quite well. He had one more procedure done Monday.

    The story fell close to my heart, although I did not have a heart attack, I was very close to having one at the time back in December 2002. I was fortunate to have close by medical care and a doctor that recognized my symptoms. I also had two  stents put in two days later in Sioux Falls.

    I count my blessings very often, you should also count yours. If you have not had a checkup lately, within the past year or more,  the best thing for you to do is to go in and get checked out. Life is too short, but myself and many friends I know have had their lives extended by many years by getting checked out at least once a year. That would be one resolution you can easily keep.

Have a great week and do good!