WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook — The council appointed John Madson as acting mayor. Jan Johnson, John Madson and Manda Jorgenson were named to the park and pool committee. John Madson and Mayor Phelps were named to the street committee. Digger Phelps, Katie Steen, and Jan Johnson were named to the finance committee. Jan Johnson and Digger Phelps will head the community center community. Cottonwood County will remain as assessor for the city. The Sentinel Tribune is the official newspaper for the city. Bank Midwest is the official depository. Muske Muske and Suhrhoff were named as city attorney. Jan Johnson and Digger Phelps are on the EDA. Digger Phelps and Manda Jorgenson are on the personnel committee. Alan Wahl was named as Emergency Management Director. John Madson is the weather spotters manager. Katie Steen is the city’s zoning administrator.

    The council passed a resolution to establish rates, fees, and administrative fines for 2014.

    The fees cover charges for fire calls and township fire fees. The ambulance fees are also listed.         Public works’ fees are set for equipment rental, operator charge, product application snow removal and hauling, upkeep rates for residential mowing and weed control.

    Alcohol and tobacco licenses and permits including: On-sale, Off-sale, Sunday liquor, 3.2 On-sale, 3.2 Off-sale, cigarette and tobacco license.

    Administrative fees are for copies, faxes,  and laminating fees are also listed.

    License and permits: alcohol related; event permits; pet licenses; solicitor licenses; golf cart permits; ATV permits.

    Travel expense reimbursement for city officials.

*Planning and Zoning Fees:

    Rezoning of property, conditional use, subdivision  of property, variances, street or alley vacation, special meeting request, appeals, building permit, building permit extension, failure to obtain a building permit.

*Building Rental:

    Community center deposit, security, and kitchen use.

    Senior center deposit, and kitchen use.

*Garbage and Sanitation fees for contracted and non- contracted collection  services.

*Campground rental per night and winter parking.

*Police Services:

    Funeral escorts, home  checks, vehicle lock outs, on duty,  off duty, and out of town.

•Police Department Civil fines:

    Dog running loose, dog license required, dog defecation, dog barking, illegal  U-turn, cross traffic parking, parking, snow parking.

    There were also 14 criminal fines listed under police department fines.

    A detailed list of fees and fines can be seen at the Westbrook city clerks office.

    Council person Marv Sorenson submitted his resignation from the city council as he will be moving in the near future to another community. The council will approve someone to replace him at the February meeting.

    Mayor Phelps stated if anyone would be interested to serve out this year of Sorenson’s term, please submit your name to the city clerk’s office. The council will consider all applicants and vote from the list.

    The term will be only for this year and a special election will be held at the end of the year to keep the candidate rotation in tact.

    Sewer rates for the city were discussed and Mayor Phelps told the council he sees no reason to raise them at this time. The rates were left the same.

    Librarian Kari Ourada had requested to get Presidents day, Martin Luther King Day and Veterans Day off. She also requested 30 additional hours of Personal Time Off. After discussing  the matter the council voted to approve the request.

    Part time employees will receive a 25 cents per hour increase plus a 3 percent cost of living increase.

    Fire Chief Kurt Madson  and Dan Joel, ambulance representatives, requested to move the ambulances to the new fire hall, to make room they would transfer other limited use fire equipment.

    It would be a cost savings because they would not have to heat the old ambulance garage. It also would be much easier to move the ambulances in  and out of the building because the  doors are wider. The  council approved the move. They also approved adding Josh Knakmuhs to the fire department.

    Golf cart permits for Arnie Beek, Louie  Amundson and Dave Stresemann were approved along with one ATV permit for Jodie Burns.

    The council also voted to  rescind a contract with Marco for copier maintenance agreement.

    The council approved a charitable raffle permit for Good Samaritan Society Westbrook.

December Police Report

    One accident report; 1 air ambulance assist; 1 arrest; 5 tickets issued; 1 domestic investigation; 1 funeral assist.