WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     After Christmas I managed to pickup a mid-winter cold. The symptoms were somewhat benign with just a couple of days not up to par. I think I even managed to pass it on to Best Friend, and then I think she somehow managed to give it back. After a week or so I began to feel much better then the alien turned on me moving into my sinuses.

    Last week it acted as an infection so I went to the clinic Monday morning to have it checked out, and Kelly Hoffman agreed with my diagnosis and prescribed a antibiotic. So far it has not got any worse, but it also has not gotten much better either. Tomorrow Best Friend and I will attend the Minnesota News Paper Convention in Bloomington. My dilemma is this, do I go back in today (Wednesday) for another assessment, or do I forget it and continue the next three days on the prescribed antibiotic?

    I seldom ever use antibiotics, but in the past when I did it seemed to work much quicker than this time.

    To top it all off, if you havenít noticed, lately our weather has been as crappy as my sinuses. It seems we get one or maybe two nice days, then wham itís back into the deep freeze. I like it much better when we have a few nice days then maybe a day or two of not so nice days. It really hasnít been that bad overall, at least despite all the wind and cold, we have had relatively low amounts of snow to deal with, but then when the wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour it doesnít take much to make things really nasty.

    I received several pictures of a friend of mine in Michigan. They showed all the snow piled up around his house and neighborhood. They have been getting some of those huge storms that have generally missed our area. So I replied back, ďKen are you trying to tell me the weather has been bad at your place?Ē Ha Ha. Welcome to winter in Minnesota!

    I also find it interesting when the weather gets bad on the east coast, the major media jumps all over it, but it has to get down to 50 below before the midwest gets any coverage, unless it is near Chicago.

    Of course when the weather gets bad around here school administrators have to make some tough decisions about closing school. If they bring the kids in, then they donít have to make up the day. It used to be they had to put in a half day, but then to many administrators were waiting too long to close which probably put kids at risk. Although today with the type of communications and equipment our kids are probably a lot safer than they have ever been. On the other hand when the winds gust much higher than 30 miles per hour, visibility can turn into dangerous white outs.

    Recently Best Friend and I were returning home from visiting some friends in New Ulm. When we went there the weather was fine but by the time we came home it had changed for the worse. By the time we reached the old Lone Tree corner ten miles north of Westbrook the wind was blowing at a pretty good clip at times causing total white out conditions. It was a long ten miles of white knuckle driving.

    I am feeling somewhat better today, so I will probably tough it out.

Have a great week and do good!