WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Special ó Once again very high winds connected with extreme cold weather has brought the area to a literal standstill on the past Sunday.

    A huge polar air mass began moving into the area Sunday afternoon, with overnight temperatures plummeting to 17 below zero. Along with it, winds Sunday afternoon raged at a sustained speed of 40 miles per hour with gusts up to 50 plus miles per hour. Combined with the extreme cold, area law enforcement was recommending no travel until early Monday morning.

    Early Monday morning a vehicle slid off the road and landed on its top about a half mile north of Westbrook on County Road 7. Cottonwood County Deputy Jayd Soderholm was investigating. Soderholm  commented, the department had a busy night rescuing people all night during the storm. It seems people just donít understand how dangerous it is when there is this type of conditions.

    Early Monday morning crews in Westbrook and Walnut Grove were busy cleaning the streets, having most of the work done by day light.

    Monday the temperature was only expected to climb to minus eight or nine degrees. Temperatures Monday night were expected to get even colder, bottoming out at around 22 below zero.

    Many major highways were closed on Sunday,  I-90 from Luverne to Albert Lea was closed due to visibility problems. Many highways in the middle of the section were closed, Fargo to Detroit Lakes and Fergus Falls to Alexandria were also closed on  Sunday.

    A spokesperson from the Minnesota Highway Patrol said, this was the first time he could remember putting out a no travel warning for the metropolitan area.

    The temperatures are expected to moderate sometime on Tuesday, climbing slightly out of the minus temperatures. Wednesday things are to improve with a high of 29 predicted. However the rest of the week temperatures will be in the high teens through the weekend.

    There will only be one more below zero temperature with the temperature Thursday night dropping to 5 below. Considering the past weather, that will be somewhat welcome to most hearty Minnesotans.