WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- For many years I have been an above average sports fan with a preference for football. However the past few years my loyalty for professional sports has been declining. I guess when multi million dollar contracts are becoming the norm I find it much harder to be much of a fan. Itís simply all about the money these days!

    Oh I understand how short some of these professional athletes careers can be especially in football. But like weather, forecasters who get paid regardless of their inaccuracies, Pro Sports figures get paid well no matter how well they perform.

    Sunday afternoon after church Best Friend and I left town to visit our dear friend and former neighbor Helen Thorstad at Lake Crystal. It was a really enjoyable afternoon of reminiscing. After that we arrived home around 7:30. Best Friend turned on the TV and the score of the big game was 29-0. I commandeered the remote and  started channel surfing. I came across the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark, it was a bunch of kittens on a miniature football field with toys playing football. It was really a hoot to watch. I think it was sponsored by an animal shelter. There also was a Puppy Bowl on  the Animal Channel, but that was not near as funny as the Kitten Bowl. Of course most of you know I am a bit biased about that.

    I had to wonder if anyone beside me heard the loud clicking noise around half time of the Super Bowl? It was the sound of 40 million people changing  channels at the same time.

    Unlike some people when the fish arenít biting, I like to move!

    I heard some conversation on the radio the other day that some people think congress should declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. They say because of how late the game goes, and I suppose because of the heavy drinking, a lot of people donít go into work Monday anyway.

    The talk hosts felt they should move the game to Saturday instead. I have to agree with that idea, although it really doesnít make any difference to me. Although it probably would cut down on church attendance, which would be a bad thing.

    The Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in their 37 year history with a crushing  defeat of the Denver Broncos 43-8.

    The Vikings were in four Super Bowls in the 1970ís, the last in 1977, as you know they lost all four of them. Since that time the Vikings have made it to the NFC championship game a couple times. However it has been 37 years since they have appeared in a Super Bowl, and for me that is more than half a life time, I am really getting tired of waiting.

    On the other hand I have become a really big fan of NASCAR and Golf. These guys have to perform to make the big bucks. Especially in golf, if you donít perform well you wonít be there for very long.

Have a great week and do good!