WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG — Last week to kickoff the elementary school’s  Jump Rope for Heart event, Julie Boerhave American Heart Representative talked to elementary students about heart disease.     

    She asked the kids if they knew anyone that has heart disease, which many showed by raising their hands to indicate they did. She explained how regular  exercise can help people prevent heart disease. She also told them how a healthy diet can help to  prevent heart disease.

    Boerhave notes approximately 80 percent of the funds raised go directly to the mission, funding extensive research efforts, and heart education programs.

    She had a table set up with prizes the kids can earn for raising money in the program. There are several levels that kids can reach to receive prizes. The theme is based on  getting our ducks in a row, with several prizes. The first prize is awarded with just a five dollar pledge, it is a quacky lanyard. Other prizes include; jump ropes, t-shirts, play ground balls, head phones, and walkie talkies.

    Boerhave represents schools in the southwest corner of the state. She said WWG has been the second highest school in  her area for overall donations. Kids have until February 13 to raise money for the program. The Jump Rope for Heart event will be held Thursday February 13 starting at noon in the elementary gym.

    If a youngster comes knocking on  your door or contacting you by phone or email looking for donations for  the American Heart Association, please be generous and donate for this worthy cause.