WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     All  plant maintenance work orders have been completed for the month and all systems are running properly.  The PeopleService rates for 2014 were reviewed with a slight increase for 2014.  The council approved the 2014 rate increase.  

    Discussion of the UV disinfection project at the plant was discussed by the council.  The application for the second payment of $58,515.00 from KHC Construction was approved by the engineer and presented to the council for approval of payment.  The council approved this payment.  

    Tom Hansen gave the maintenance report to the council.  Discussion was held on fixing the plumbing problems in the community center.  The council asked Tom to visit with a plumber about alternate options so floor between the bathrooms would not have to be knocked out.  

    The Police Report was given by Chief Zeug.  Discussion was held on the tough book computer for the car.  Chief Zeug is recommending they replace it with a new computer.  The council will continue this discussion at a later meeting.

    Discussion was held about the 2004 GO Improvement Bonds.  The original $895,000 Bonds were to pay for the portion of the street improvements that did not qualify for any grants.  The payoff amount for these bonds will be approximately $486,057.22.  The city will pay these from prepaid assessments and the Special Levy funds.  The Council approved the Resolution Calling for the Redemption of the Outstanding GO Improvement Bonds of 2004.  

    Discussion was held on the safety training and the employee checklist.  The Council has determined that all employees including fire and ambulance, must have the required OSHA training completed by March 31, 2014.  The Remainder of the training needs to be completed by May 31, 2014.  

    City Attorney Brian White has retired.  Mayor Hansen contacted Paul Muske to discuss being appointed the City Attorney for Walnut Grove.  The council discussed this option and agreed that this would be a good fit for Walnut Grove.  

    The 2014 Policies and Appointment were approved by the council and the following appointments were made:

2014 Appointments:  

    Community Center and Cemetery -    Xiong Yang /Greg Hansen

    Liquor Store -     Greg Hansen /Xiong Yang

    Police Department - Leonard McLaughlin / Jeff Harnack

    Streets and Parks - Todd Harrington/ Leonard McLaughlin

    Water and Sewer - Jeff Harnack/Todd Harrington

    Economic Development     -    Xiong Yang/Todd Harrington

    Walnut Grove Activity Club - Jeff Harnack/Xiong Yang

    Safety Committee - Leonard McLaughlin/Greg Hansen

    Acting Mayor - Todd Harrington

    Official Depository - Integrity Bank Plus/MN Municipal Money Market

    Official Newspaper -Westbrook/Walnut Grove Sentinel/Tribune

    City Attorney            -    Muske Muske & Suhrhoff Attorney in Springfield, MN/

Steven Collins

    City Engineer - Bolten & Menk

    The council approved the 2014 Liquor License for the American Legion.  

    The Minutes for the December 19, 2013 regular meeting were reviewed and approved by the council. They also approved claims #35783 through 35863.