WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook ó The city council found out the main line to the sewer lagoons is in need of major repair. A firm from Minneapolis recently video taped the inside of the line from the edge of the city out to the lagoon site southeast of the city.

    The company doing the video recommended inserting a special liner inside the  present sewer line. Once the liner is in place the line would be filled with hot water which would expand the liner and activate the resin which would make a permanent bond with the old line. The cost for doing that would be about $210,000. The  firm also guarantees the liner for 50 years.

    Mayor Dennis Phelps said the council will contact some local firms to look at the line and the video to determine if the line could be done locally for less money. Another option might be to run a new line parallel to the old line.

    The city has $228,000 in an accessible account that can be used for the repair. There also is $398,000 in an investment fund earmarked for sewer work.

    Phelps said it is not a must do thing right away, but will probably be our next big project for next year.

    The council passed resolutions for filling the vacancy of Marvin Sorenson on the council until the January first of 2015.

    Six people submitted their names for consideration to fill the vacancy of Marvin Sorenson. Those on the list were Lawrence Carlson, Rocky Kolar, C. John Amundson, Kelly Brown, Chadd Wahl, and Nicole Elzinga.    The council was polled to pick candidates on a ballot.

    C. John Amundson was appointed on  the first ballot by a 3 to 1 margin. Amundson will only finish this year of Sorensonís  term. The rest of the term which is 2 additional years will be filled by vote in the general election this November. Anyone in  the city can file for the council position during the regular election filing period this coming  fall.

    The council approved a gambling permit for the Westbrook Area Volunteers for their Cabin Fever night. An application for the Westbrook  Lions Club for a raffle was also approved.

    The  council approved a resolution  naming Dennis Jutting as a representative to the Missouri Basin  Electric. Randall Comnick was named as an alternate.

    Police Chief Alan Wahl reported nine traffic citations were issued for the month of January.