MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Oregon (STPNS) -- LEABURG: A newly recognized challenge to experienced riders has been added to attractions that can be promoted to mountain bikers. That was the message Randy Dreiling had when the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce met last week at Ike’s Pizza. Dreiling, the groups executive director, said he hopes the Olallie Loop Trail will, “Not only  relieve pressure on the McKenzie River Trail but also get people to stay here longer.” In addition to Ollalie, Dreiling said there are four other back country routes that riders need to learn are also available.

Road riding enthusiast George Letchworth noted the area is home to one of Oregon’s state designated Scenic Bikeways - the McKenzie Pass. In addition, work is underway to gain that recognition for the Aufderheide Drive. “It’s one of four routes that are going to be recommended next year,” Letchworth said, adding that a business plan is being put together to finalize the process.

He too mentioned there are some other opportunities for riders, saying he’s working on maps for five more off-the-highway rides, some 10 to 20 miles long.