MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Oregon (STPNS) -- FINN ROCK: Agreements between the McKenzie School District and the McKenzie Community Track are continuing, according to Elizabeth Carr. Acting as a liaison between the school district’s board and the governing body for the track, she characterized the interactions between the two as, “Truly symbiotic. McKenzie students cannot hold meets without the track and the track can’t hold meets without the students.”

At the district’s February meeting, Carr said she’s been working with her counterpart, Connie Huff, to pin down usage costs for two prime categories - maintenance and events. Although the district “has stated it will not pay for maintenance it could help offset some of the track’s annual expenses - such as field maintenance by school personnel and students - before meets to get litter cleaned off.” She also felt using school equipment to mow the infield could be continued and helping out with grass seed and fertilizers could be considered.

That last point brought a cautionary comment from athletic director Neil Barrett, who said, “That could be a difficult thing for us. We’re trying to keep our own grass but maybe we could help spread with some of our equipment.” Overall, Barrett said he was confident “roles will be pretty clear by the time we have our first meet. It’s gone very well so far.”

Acting on a recommendation by chairman Kent Roberts, the board formed a subcommittee to continue negotiations with the track group.