WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     The Walnut Grove City Council met in a regular session on the 10th day of February, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the council room.  Greg Hansen, Xiong Yang, Todd Harrington and Leonard McLaughlin were present, Jeff Harnack was absent.  Also present were Mike Zeug and Kerwin Armitage

    Mayor Hansen presided at the meeting

    Discussion was held about the properties that the city purchased at the Forfeited tax auction.  The council decided they would allow the EDA to use the property on 6th Street & Main when they are talking to any interested person that may be willing to bring a business to Walnut Grove.  Properties purchased at the 2013 auction will be up for sale by sealed bids at the March 10, 2014 council meeting.  The clerk will put together a form that will need to be filled out for each bid stating what the intended purpose of the property would be and the anticipated date of completion.  The following parcels will be sold with the each having a minimum bid.

    94-568-0740:  451 9th Street - Block 5, Lot 6 (Lot size 50’ x 140’) *Minimum bid $500

    94-200-2780: 200 Washington St. -  Block 19, East ? Lot 11 & All Lot 12 (Lot size 75’ x 140’) *minimum bid $800

    94-200-3580:  630 Washington - Block 23 Lot 18 ex N 50’ & E 10’ of Lot 19 ex N 50’ (Lot size 35’ x 90’) ?*minimum bid $100

    94-568-0060: 840 Main Street - Block 1 Lot 17 (50’ x 100’)

    94-568-0080:  Ninth Street (garage) -  Block 1, Lot 18 (50’ x 100’)& S 1/2 of 19 (Lot size 25’ x 100’)  *minimum bid for both parcels sold together is $2500

    The Bar & Grill report was reviewed by the council.  The annual TAMS class will be held at the Walnut Grove Bar & Grill on Sunday, Apr. 6, 2014.  Deb has asked for the council to approve a special liquor license to serve alcohol during this meeting/gathering.  The council approved a special liquor license for April 6, 2014.  

    The Water/ Wastewater report was given by Kerwin Armitage from PeopleService.  

    All  plant maintenance work orders have been completed for the month.  Walnut Grove will once again purchase phosphorous credits from Mankato, MN.  The vent fan at the plant will need to be repaired.  Kerwin reported that the 3rd pump in the lift station will need to be replaced.  The Council approved the purchase of a new pump.  

    Discussion was held on the plumber’s suggestion for solutions to the sewer problems in the community center.  The Council agreed it to go forward with the plumber’s suggestion to make the necessary changes to fix the backup problems in the community center.

    The Police Report was given by Chief Zeug.  Discussion was held on getting a cell phone for the police department so that Zeug’s personal phone will not be needed to log on to the state reporting website. 

    Discussion was held about the contract with Janet Putte for the use of her property for branches, grass clippings, and leaves.  The council approved the 2014 contract.  The council agreed to speak to area property owners about leasing an area for branches and leaves in 2015.    

    Discussion was held on the 2014 Fire and Ambulance Budgets to be presented to the townships.   The council approved the budgets with corrections to be presented to the townships at the annual meeting.

    The $20 dues to the Casey Jones Trail were approved.

    The council approved the Minutes for the January 13, 2014 regular meeting and Claims #35864 through 35924.