WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — Last week a lively discussion was held about two ordinance amendments regarding Deficiency of Water and Shutting off Water, and Service pipes.

    A change amending Subdivision 1, Section 3.20, City of Westbrook Chapter 3. Rules and Regulations Relating to Water Service Subdivision 1- Deficiency of Water and Shutting off Water.

    This amendment would add the following paragraph: Section 2. The City of Westbrook will make all necessary repairs of water service pipes from the  street mains to the curb line, which repairs shall be made under the supervision of the waterworks superintendent or the City Council; and the cost thereof shall be charged to the owner or owners of the premises served by such service pipes, and assessed against the property.

    The second amendment is a minor change in section 3.20 subdivision 4 - Service Pipes.

    The change in the third paragraph is replacing the word ‘curb stop’ to ‘main’. Frozen service pipes between the main and the building shall be the  responsibility of the  owner.

    There was some questions as to whether or not it was fair for the property owners to be responsible for the area from the curb stop to the main.

    According  to utilities superintendent Dennis Jutting, there have been only four service lines frozen in the city. However due to the deeper than usual frost the City Utilities is recommending people leave their water running just a slight amount until the danger passes, especially for people that will be away from their homes for an extended period.

    Jutting said, “we are fortunate to only have four of these, and noted that only one of them  required having to be dug up for repair. This is a fairly rare occurrence that happens.”

    Acting Mayor John Madson said other towns around here have had quite a few more of these. He had heard that there were over 40 line freeze ups in Windom.

    Former Mayor Rocky Kolar asked who would be responsible for repairing the street and curb if they had to be dug up to fix water service lines. The council felt it also would be the responsibility of the property owner.

    Earlier in the meeting C. John Amundson was sworn in to fill the position vacated by Marvin Sorenson who moved away from Westbrook. His position on the council will expire at the end of this year.

    The council received a seal coating quote from Bargen Incorporated. The  quote was for seal coating of Fifth Street and Seventh Street. The council decided to table the quote until they get more information on the cost of replacing or repairing the main sewer line to the lagoons.

    Personnel from Jeffers Dray Line will be coming to Westbrook to assess a bid for replacing or repairing the main sewer line.

    The Fire Relief fund donated $2,000 to the City of Westbrook. The City of Westbrook then voted to give the fire department $2,000 for general operational expenses.

    The council approved a temporary liquor license to the Westbrook Area Volunteers for their Cabin Fever Event.

    A golf cart permit was approved for Lawrence Carlson.

    Police Chief and Emergency Management Director, Alan Wahl, noted that all of the cities warning sirens are now coded and in working order.

February Police Report:

    Investigated accident involving mailbox damage on First Avenue. Issued two tickets; one funeral assist; two county assists; assisted Walnut Grove Police Department; two domestic calls.

    Wahl also told the council the Police Squad unit was in need of repair.