WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — Attorney Ginny Barron says her firm philosophy is centered around the fact that practicing law is not just about providing legal  services but is helping others in  their time of need. Barron also believes that every client is worth fighting for and that good communication and taking time to listen to them is the first step in a providing a good defense.

    Barron grew up in North Minneapolis and graduated from Patrick Henry High School. She received her undergraduate Degree from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a major in Political Science with a focus in Law and Politics and a minor in  Sociology: Law, Criminology, and Deviance. While there she was  a Dean’s List Recipient.

    She continued her education at the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul where she graduated, and was a Dean’s List Recipient.

    While in college Barron was accepted as a member of the Warren E. Burger Inns of Court, a group of judges, lawyers and legal educators  aimed to promote excellence in legal advocacy within the courts. During law school she was a certified student  attorney with the Minneapolis City Attorneys Office.         She also worked for the firm of Dorsey & Whitney in the conflicts department for four years. She did a clerkship with the Honorable Timothy K. Connell Judge of District Court after law school. She was admitted to the Minnesota Bar in 2006.

    Ginny’s main areas of practice are Criminal Defense, and Family Law. She said, “I like working in the court room, and these areas get me in the court more frequently. I am not a paper pusher!”

    Barron takes a variety of types of cases in both areas of her practice. A partial list of criminal cases she has experience with are: Drug possession and other drug related crimes, DWI, Theft, Driving offenses, Domestic assault, Issuance of dishonored checks, Violation of an order for protection, Criminal sexual conduct, Careless driving, Reckless driving, Trespass, criminal damage to property, Underage consumption, Check forgery, Receiving stolen property, False imprisonment, Open Bottle, Possession of synthetic cannabinoid, Arson, and many others.

    Along with her membership in the  Minnesota State Bar Association she also is a member of the National and Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyers Associations. She is a current member of the Minnesota Cornerstone Drug Court Team. She is a member of the Minnesota Judicial Branch-Children’s Justice Initiative.

    She currently serves on the  Westbrook Walnut Grove  School Board and is a member of the physician recruitment committee with Sanford Westbrook Medical Center.

    In 2010 she established the Westbrook Legal Self Help Center providing legal advice and consultation at the Westbrook Public Library one day a month to those people who represent themselves in the court process. Barron  believes it is a part of her ethical duty to help those who may not be financially able to retain the services of an  attorney.

    Barron’s solo practice, Barron Law Office, is located on the second floor at the WWG Tech Center and Fitness Center. Her office is at the far east end of the building. Barron says with her court schedule she does not keep regular office hours. She noted that she usually is in court on most Mondays and Tuesdays, and the best time to contact  her is Wednesday through  Friday. She can be contacted by phone, email, text, or fax. Her phone number is 507-822-5735.

    Barron also has a very informative web page that can be found at BarronLawOffice.com. She practices in Cottonwood, Nobles, Rock, Pipestone and  Murray Counties. She also serves as a Public Defender in the Rock County Court through a contract with the court. She feels it is her duty to provide the best defense possible for those who cannot afford their own defense attorney. “I feel money should not be a factor in defending those who cannot afford an attorney,” she said.

    Growing up Ginny says part of her reason for wanting to get into law was because of her families connection with the  Family Court System. She said she felt at the time things could have been better,  and that is why she pursues Family Law.

    Ginny met her husband, Josh Barron, while they were both attending the University of Minnesota. They met while taking an elective course in theater. They were married in March of 2005. They have three children, Will a first grade student at WWG, Zachary is  in  kindergarten,  and Ellen is three.

    When asked what she liked most about her profession,  she said, “I like  helping people that would not be able to help themselves. That is what I enjoy most about my work.” She also likes the flexibility of being able to spend time with her family.