WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Zygi Wilf and his band of merry men have got the Robin Hood idea in reverse, rob from the poor to give to the rich. Donít get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being rich, but sometimes it seems wrong when they use black mail to get more for their piggy banks.

    Not to long ago, after lobbying the legislators for the past ten or fifteen years to build a new stadium for our state pride and joy the Minnesota Vikings to stumble around in, they finally got the job done. By tricking them into thinking the team would move if we didnít pay up. Smart money has said that would not have happened in all likely hood, but our state legislators, in their finite wisdom, gave up about half a billion of our hard earned dollars to help these poor fellows out.

    I would like to help them out all right, right out the door they came in!

    One of the big selling points for us ponying up for this Taj mahal of a stadium, was the carrot, of a Super Bowl, dangling in front of most of the die hard fans and legislators to help swing the deal.

    So here we are, the Metrodome is gone ó construction for the new football cathedral is well under way. But wait, there is a fly in the ointment, the commissioner of football says ďhey if we give you a Super Bowl for your new palace, then we should get some nice tax exemptions for doing this for you.Ē

    I understand that bringing a Super Bowl to Minnesota would bring millions of dollars into the state. However those dollars will go mainly to the bars, hotels, and shopping  centers in the metro area. Meanwhile the rest of us are still on the hook for the half billion we gave the Wilfs to keep their team in Minnesota.

    The NFL already has bids in for the Super Bowl for 2018 or whatever year they are vying for it here. Both cities have said they will offer such exemptions for the NFL, itís players and owners. So how many times has New Orleans had the Super Bowl, four or five times maybe? Indianapolis has only had it once I think, but then it is not a much warmer place than Minnesota. I know because I lived near there for a couple winters.

    Also did you notice the name of both of those teams is the same as the major cities in both states. In other words if we would change the name of the Vikings to the Minneapolis St. Paul Vikings then we wouldn't have to worry about it. So I wonder  if the whole states of Indiana and Louisiana pay the tax concessions or just the two cities?

    I really donít care if we get it here or not. Either way if I want to see the game, I will have to watch it on TV anyway, as tickets for the game cost a small fortune! Also the best seats in the house are our recliners.

    Have a great week and do good!