WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Fairfax — The Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop gym was alive with top notch entertainment. The event was sponsored by the Tim Orth Foundation fund raising basketball game with senior boy and girl players from the Red Rock and Tomahawk Conferences.

    The event was held to help three kids from the area with medical and other bills incurred by illness or accidents. The organization is an all volunteer organization that sponsors  multiple fundraisers throughout West Central Minnesota. Volunteers invest countless hours in conducting these events, and thanks to their generous donation of time, 100 percent of the proceeds are given to selected recipients. Kate Jorgenson daughter of Jim and Nikki Jorgenson was one of three  recipients from the event.

    The Tim Orth Memorial Foundation’s namesake, was a BOLD High School student and athlete when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Tim will always be remembered for his courageous fight against the cancer that claimed his life on February 14, 1997.

    For the games senior boys and girls are selected by their coaches to play in the All Jamboree games. Coaches from WWG were Derrick Jenniges, and Sheryl Woelber. Players from WWG were Shane Buchman, Alex Knutson, and Dayna Comnick.

    The doors opened at 5:00 with players from both the boys and girls teams warming up. After the warm  up, a team photo was taken along with the benefit recipients, and members of  the Utah Jazz,  Acro’s  Slam Dunk Team, Utah Jazz Dance Team, and Mascots. Life Touch Photo donates a photo of the team to all participants.

    After the large group, the recipients, along with the dance team and mascots posed for a smaller photo.

    Prior to the girl’s game Olympic Gold and Silver  speed skating medalist Derrick Para introduced the families of the  foundation recipients. At that time the Fairfax American Legion Color Guard presented the colors as a student from GFW sang the national anthem.

    Following that  a three point shooting contest was held by both girls and boys before starting the regular games.

    After that the girl’s team took to the floor playing ten minute quarters.  During the quarter break the Utah Jazz Dance team performed a dance routine.

    Then the Alexandria Acers, a group of about a dozen youths aging from three years old to 12 years old put on an amazing show of ball handling that was nothing  short of the Harlem Globe Trotters performances.

    A new act this year featured “Quick Change” a famous act by a man and a woman that change before your eyes. They are considered to be one of the NBA’s top half time entertainment acts. After seeing this performance the audience was completely mystified by the magical act.

    During the final quarter break the Utah Jazz and Acro teams set up for a slam dunk performance. The Jazz team performed first followed by the Acros. Then the two teams performed a combined performance. The audience was completely amazed with this dynamic performance by both  teams.

    The boy’s team closed out the night playing the final four quarter game of the night.

    It was a big night for the Jorgenson family and the many people from the Westbrook Walnut Grove area there to offer their support.

    If you have ever thought about going to one of these events, it is highly recommended as a night of entertainment for all ages.