WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     The Walnut Grove City Council met in a regular session on the 10th day of March 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the council room.

    Greg Hansen, Jeff Harnack and Leonard McLaughlin, Mike Zeug, Tom Hansen and Kerwin Armitage were present. Todd Harrington & Xiong Yang were absent.

    Mayor Hansen presided at the meeting

    One bid was received for the properties for sale by sealed bid. Keng Her placed a $200 bid for the property 94-200-3580 located at 630 Washington St which adjoins their current property. The council approved the sale of this property for $200.

    Discussion was held about the remaining properties that the city purchased at the Forfeited tax auction. The council is in agreement that they would like to see the homes demolished on these properties.

    94-568-0740: 451 9th Street

    94-200-2780: 200 Washington St.

    94-568-0060: 840 Main Street

    94-568-0080: Ninth Street (garage)

    The council will ask the EDA to work on getting these properties sold once demo has taken place and the lots cleared.

    The Bar & Grill report was reviewed by the council. Greg reported that they have ordered a tap beer cleaning system.

    The Water/ Wastewater report was given by Kerwin Armitage from People Service.

All plant maintenance work orders have been completed for the month. Kerwin will meet with Swede about a covering to replace the tent at the plant. Kerwin reported they replaced a check valve on the pump at the plant. The pump does not need to be replaced yet.

    Tom Hansen reported to the council that he has talked to Carter about doing the cement work at the community center. Leonard and Tom will meet with Gary from G&H about the plans for repairing the sewer problems at the community center.

    The new tractor will be delivered in April 2014.

    City Wide Cleanup will be held May 10, 2014. Once again the city will collect the TVís and computers and take them to Redwood Falls. The charge will be $5 per unit. Appliances will be picked up at the curbs for $10 each, and bulk garbage can be delivered to the dumpsters at the city shop for a fee based on the amount. The dumpsters will be there from May 5-May 11.

    The Council approved the purchase of two portable Pedestrian Crossing signs for 8th Street by the City Park and a portable Road Work Sign for Tom to use when working in the streets.

    The Police Report was given by Chief Zeug. The police car was taken to Lockwood Motors for repairs. Discussion was held on purchasing a new computer and docking station for the squad car. The council approved the purchase of the new computer and docking station for approximately $3000.

    The 2013 Audit will begin May 5 and the Audit meeting will be held June 23, 2014 at 7p.m.

    Correction made adding Leonard McLaughlin to the attendance of the special meeting held Feb. 25.

    The council approved the Minutes for the February 10, 2014 regular meeting and the Feb. 25, 2014 special meeting.