WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — Last month two ordinance changes were presented to the city council to read and approve. Apparently there was some question about the proposed ordinance amendments, as several citizens showed up to discuss the proposed amendments.

    Mayor Dennis Phelps noting there were several persons in attendance declared a public forum to hear anything those in attendance had to say about the ordinances or other issues.

    Westbrook resident Ronald Jensen spoke about an issue he had with his water service at his home on Eighth Street. He complained that in the past the city broke off his curb stop, and replaced it. But he thinks the curb stop is still leaking and is causing his water pressure to be low. Jensen said, “Its so low I can’t wash clothes or even take a shower with it.”

    Utilities superintendent Dennis Jutting told the council that they had replaced the curb stop and it was working fine. He also noted that when they tested the water pressure it was good at that time.

    Jensen responded saying he thinks there is still something wrong. He also insists the curb stop is still leaking. But Jutting also noted if it were leaking badly there would be water coming to the surface.

    Jutting also explained to the council how back in the seventies, before one of the street projects, the utilities replaced most of the water mains and installed new curb stops so they could avoid having to dig up as many water lines.

    Jutting told Jensen that he would be happy to come up to his house and check the water pressure inside his house.

    Jutting also responded to the issue of curb stop replacement. He said, “no one in Westbrook has paid for a curb stop in over 40 years since I have been here.”  The only time the city charges for digging up water lines is if the home owner wants to upgrade their line to a better or bigger line.

    Westbrook  resident Craig Noding had a question about locating his curb stop. He claimed the city would not do it for him.

    Jutting responded saying we always locate city utilities for anyone needing it done.

    The city does have an ordinance that disallows digging in city streets for any purpose without a permit from the city.

    After the air was cleared regarding the two ordinance amendments, it was decided that the two amendments were really not needed so there was no action taken on the  ordinances.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad gave the council the dates for small and large item pickup and branch pickup. Branch pickup will be Monday May 5, large and small item pickup will be Monday May 19.         City Clerk Katie Steen is trying to line up appliance pickup. Anyone wanting to arrange for large or small item pickup or appliance pickup, should stop into the city clerk’s office to get on the list.

    Steen also made some comments about the city audit from Abdo Eick and Meyers. The auditors requested the city work on separation of powers. Steen told the council she is now having council members sign off on larger deposits. There were a few other minor issues involving placement of city funds.

    Westbrook Area Volunteers were granted a gambling permit, and a temporary beer permit for Fun Days .

    Good Samaritan Westbrook was granted a permit for their Festival of Tables raffle.

    Council person Jan Johnson reported the Ambulance Association  is purchasing two new defibrillator units and an autopulse unit for the  ambulances. The cost of the units is $63,000 but $25,000 will be reimbursed by the state.

    The following building permits were approved by the council.        • M. L. Grams and Associates for a concrete pad on their property on First Avenue.

    • Brenda Bunker for a fence and garden shed on her property on Cedar Avenue.

    • Denise Bond for a fence on her property on First Avenue.

    • Lewis and Helen Amundson for a ramp on their property on Fifth Street.

    • Mary and Martha’s Pantry to remodel the front of the building on First Avenue.

March Police report:

    Arrest with extradition to Arizona. Citation issued for no insurance. Citation issued for driving after revocation and no insurance. Assisted county sheriff. Air ambulance assist. Funeral escort. Check fraud case involving multiple counties.