WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook — When Wayne Mischke and his wife Delna decided to leave the farm for city life, he had to decide what to do with his collection of Massey Harris tractors. After much pondering and purchasing a home in Westbrook, Mischke decided it was time to sell his collection.

    The collection included nine Massey’s dating back to 1948 through 1954.

    It all started when Mischke decided to start farming south east of Westbrook in 1977. That is when he purchased his first “Massey, ” a 1950  model 44.  He bought it on a farm sale to use as a utility tractor mainly to grind feed.

    After that he was hooked on Massey Harris’ so he watched for them whenever they came up on farm sales. Over the next 30 years he managed to pick up eight more of the Massey’s when he could find them.

    In all his Massey’s ranged from a 1948 Massey Harris #20 to a ‘54 Massey Harris 44 Special. His collection also included a 50, and 51 Massey 44 one with a narrow front and one with a wide front;  one ‘54 Massey 33; a ‘48 and ‘49 Massey 55; one ‘50 Massey 22; and a ‘49 Massey “Pony.”

    Mischke said, “working on my tractors was a good winter time project.” He completely disassembled them,  noting that is the only way to do a good job of restoring. He said it was a lot of work getting everything ready to paint. “It takes a lot of sanding to get a real shiny finish.” He says, of course it also gets a little spendy, because it is hard to find parts for these older tractors. Also there are not a lot of these around this area. New tires can cost from three to four hundred dollars a piece.

    Last month he sold four of his tractors on Craig's List,  but he will be putting the rest on auction at Croatt Auction Center in Storden next month.

    One of the tractors he sold recently was the Massey “Pony.” That one is staying close to home, as his neighbor Mark Schoborg bought that one. The “Pony” was a very small utility tractor that sported an 11 horsepower 4 cylinder motor. People used these mostly on hobby farms.