WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Special — Sunday afternoon area residents were treated to a fine choral concert by the Minnesota BoyChoir.

    The Choir is currently under  the artistic direction of Westbrook native Mark Johnson. Johnson holds a degree in music education from St. Olaf College, and taught junior high choral music for six years prior to becoming full-time director of the BoyChoir.

    Johnson began working with the BoyChoir as and accompanist in 1991. In 1993 he was hired as full-time music director for the BoyChoir. He is active in Minnesota’s chapters of ACDA and MMEA, and currently serves as the Repertoire and  Standards Chair for Boychoirs at state and regional levels.

    The Minnesota BoyChoir was founded in 1962, and is the oldest boychoir in the Minneapolis Saint Paul metro area. The boychoir has about 200 boys active in the choirs aging from first grade through the twelfth grade. The Boychoir has performed at many venues and includes national and international tours around the world.

    The BoyChoir performs about 35 shows a year. The  Choir is made up of two groups, the older group is Allegro graduates of the BoyChoir  program are invited to return to sing. Another participation level is Cantabile boys ages nine to fourteen  that is reserved for exceptional  members of musicianship and leadership.

    The Allegro and Cantabile choirs each performed separate numbers as well as singing several combined numbers.

    The boys that go on concert tours range from about 8 years to 14 years.

    About 70 boys participated in the concert Sunday afternoon. The same group performed three concerts in Marshall the day before. In June the choir will go on a tour to Colorado.

    Prior to performing the last number Johnson thanked the audience for their support. He also said, this is a thing I love to do and when you love doing something you have to share it with others. Johnson also noted it is always good to come home to see family and friends.

    After the concert Johnson and his choirs visited with the audience. Those attending were rewarded with a wonderful performance of these young boys.