WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- The other evening I was watching one of my favorite TV programs, ďAmerican Pickers.Ē If you are not familiar with the program these two guys, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolf,  travel the back roads of the country searching for antiques and collectibles. Both are very interested in old motorcycles in particular.

    On this episode the pair was in Springfield, Massachusetts looking into an old legend where a man recalls his grandfather buried an old Indian motorcycle near his garage. Mike and Frank, along with the legend teller, went to the place that was now occupied but someone else. They proceeded to ask the owner if they paid her to dig up her yard looking for the motorcycle and reimburse her for allowing them to do it and for restoration of the yard if she would  allow them to do it. She agreed.

    The man with them showed them where the garage stood, they then had a person with a sophisticated metal detector locate a large item. They began digging and found a large item but it turned out to be an old automobile engine. Apparently the grandfather was a shade tree mechanic and buried a lot of old car parts in the yard. After getting close to nightfall Frank was ready to give up, but Mike was on a mission  and continued digging. Finally Mike came up with a part that definitely came from an Indian motorcycle. Game on ó then Mike got a second  wind and they began to find more parts and eventually found the fenders and frame. Of course after being in the ground for  about 60 years the frame and parts were no longer restorable. But they were happy to have solved the legend.

    I donít recall if I ever wrote about this, but there is a couple of things buried in our back yard also. However they are not the things legends are made of.

    Back in  the seventies I got into drag racing with my 67í Mustang fast back and did some occasional shade tree mechanic work. I also let a friend  of mine work on some  of his cars at that time in the garage. After changing an engine one time, we didnít know how to  get rid of the old engine and parts from it. Well, being some what resourceful we dug a hole near the garage and buried the engine block and some  other parts there. I think there might be a couple of big chunks of concrete from clothes line posts out there some where too.

    We also buried one of our cats inside an old food roaster. I have always thought it would be fun to watch someone  if they happen to dig up that sealed roaster. I suspect they would think there would be something valuable inside. Surprise! Itís just a dead cat!

Have a great week and do good!