WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Where do we draw the line?

    Sometimes I think government steps into our lives far to often. Although sometimes (while some may disagree) there are some things that government probably does better for most of us.

    However having said that, I have to question renaming Asian  Carp in Minnesota to Invasive carp species. In the first place the name Asian Carp comes from their place of  origin, for most of the species of carp. It has nothing to do with the people of Asia. Originally they wanted to name it indigenous carp. What the heck is that supposed to mean? At least the change to  Invasive Carp is probably a better choice.

    Of course that brings to question a whole raft of ethnic names that the legislature may want to consider.

How about French fries, or Indian tacos, or Norwegian  Lutefisk,  now thereís something I find offensive. Then of course there is Polish sausage, Bavarian filling, English muffins, French toast, German  measles, Chinese Checkers, Indian bingo, Italian sausage, American fries, Belgian  waffles, Swedish meatballs, Canadian bacon, Irish whisky, Irish stew, well you get the idea.

    If they really want to do something about ethnic names how about starting with the Washington Redskins, or the Cleveland Indians, those names have been offensive to Native Americans for years,  yet they still manage to hang around. I guess the NFL must be more powerful than I thought.

Thumbs  up for prayer . . .

    Today the Supreme Court ruled that having a prayer before the beginning of any public meeting of city councils or other legislative bodies does not breach separation of church and state. I presume that would  include any denomination including non Christian.

    Now we need to work on allowing religious symbols in public places. It seems it is mostly atheists who donít like this, and I am not sure why.  If they donít believe in  something why should they even care, it makes no difference in the way they believe.             We simply all  have to be tolerant of other peoples beliefs, but no one should ever be forced to follow the  beliefs of others.

    Have a great week and do good!