WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG — As in several of the past years the board has sold off a part of Superintendent Loy Woelber’s time to other districts. Woelber has been in  discussion with the SSC board in Heron Lake Okabena about a possible arrangement.

    SSC has been looking for an interim superintendent since their current Superintendent Ann Wendorf is retiring. At their last meeting the SSC board approved an agreement to hire Woelber for the 2014-15 school year.

    There is a person within the SSC district that is working to get their superintendents license. Under the agreement Woelber would spend three days a week at SSC, and two days at  WWG. The WWG board also  approved the agreement.

    In talking with the people at SSC, Woelber said, “I feel it will be a nice transition and should be a good fit.”

    First grade teacher Kelly Quade talked to the board about purchasing a new K-6 reading program for the elementary school. She told the board the current reading program is over 10 years old. The program they are looking at is by Houghtin, Mifflin, Harcourt. The series includes textbooks, and on line materials and up-dates for six years. The new program comes in at just under $37,000 and is included in the elementary capital outlay budget.

    Shannon Helgeson gave a presentation on  secondary PLC time. Included in the session was an outline of topics and feedback from staff on a variety of topics including: alternative grading, and using Para’s effectively. Small group PLC’s focused on subjects including teacher evaluations, and at risk students. She told the board, they also looked into re-evaluation of the Life 101 class. Helgeson  noted, “I feel the PLC is a very important thing for development of teachers.”

    Secondary Principal Bill Richards  talked about changes in law regarding state testing and students receiving  diplomas. The state has now changed the law to allow alternate assessments to be used for graduation requirements retroactively.

    Richards says “we continue to look for a Spanish teacher that will fit our needs and to share with RRC.”

    Initial registration for 2014-15 school year has been completed. Schedule will be constructed based on combination of required and elective courses.

    Richards told the board scholarships will be awarded at various up-coming assemblies.

    Elementary report by Principal Paul Olson. Olson told the board both school sites have qualified for the summer meals program. Also a grant has been submitted for the fruits and vegetables for healthy snack program in the elementary school. Last year the board approved continuing the program even  if the grant is denied.

    Olson said “Westbrook and Walnut Grove churches will  hold a combined Vacation Bible School at Walnut Grove.” Plans are being made to use some of the school facilities and busses.

    Loy Woelber talked about the  economics of class trips including music day trips which he feels should  be incorporated into the curriculum. “We shouldn’t have to do fundraisers for band and music equipment, if we need to replace instruments, it should be funded in the budget,” Woelber said. He noted when it comes to senior class trips, he would like to find ways to keep the cost down, every year the costs continue to rise.  

    Woelber noted the district is in need of more bus drivers, and have been advertising for them. “Next year we will be needing more,” he said.

    Woelber also talked about having a small capital facilities referendum — it would affect almost everything in the district including farmland. However it would be a very small amount. The referendum would be ear-marked for building maintenance and vehicles. Many districts are doing this in order to keep up with on-going expenses. “Every year we budget for roof repair, and every other year we budget for bus replacement,” he said.

    The board reviewed the capital outlay budget for 2014-15. The requests in the budget amounted to $425,155,  but after a little trimming the board settled on a figure of $400,000. The amount trimmed down was taken from the buildings and grounds portion of the budget. The board approved the  capital outlay budget, with reductions taken  from the building and grounds area.

Other board actions and approvals.

• Lane change for Shelly Merrick from MA to MA15.

• Resolution for 2015 membership in MSHSL.

• Hiring of Doug Lee as full time Industrial Arts/ maintenance.

• Resolution placing Sally Oltmans on unrequested leave, and reduce position to .5 for 2014-2015 school year.

• Resolution placing Brenda Derickson on unrequested leave, and reduce position to .4 for the 2014-2015 school year. Motion failed by 4-3 vote.

• First reading of district policy regarding Service Animals’ access to school district facilities and at school sponsored events.

• Approval of $2500 towards the services of Greater MN Family Services in the secondary level .5 fte for the 2014-15 school year.

• Approval of Adam Kletscher as head girls basketball  coach.

• Declaration of FM assisted hearing assistive device as surplus as student has moved to a different district.

• Approval of district integration plan.