WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG — When the Y.E.S. class took on the task of collecting aluminum can tab tops, Pat Merrick thought 15,000 would be a good number  to shoot for. To his surprise the class efforts completely blew away that goal collecting a total of 469,456 tabs overall.

    The class enlisted four other schools to help with the project, they included: Murray County Central, Red Rock Central, Wabasso, and Tracy-Milroy-Balaton.

    The tabs were collected from April 1 to April 30. The idea came up in class and the Y.E.S. class went with it. They offered participating schools a cash stipend of $25 for participating,  with a bonus of $75 for the school collecting the most tabs. Red Rock Central was the winner collecting over half of the total amount turning  in 269,456 tabs. Wabasso came in second  with 88,961, WWG was next with 81,334, MCC turned in 26,156,  and TMB added 5,961.

    Advisor Pat Merrick said, “We were blown away by how much we collected.” We plan on doing  this project again next year, so people can start saving  their aluminum can tabs now, for next years project.

    Class members are Dylan Anderson, Alex Burns, Matthew Keithahn, William  Kuntz, Coya Pilaczynski, Jared Ries, Kaitlyn Starner, Pahnia Vue, and Benzie Yang.