WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- When we remember mom it means bringing back special memories to most of us. Last  Sunday was Mother’s Day, and many of you probably celebrated by taking mom out for Sunday dinner at one of the local eateries. For the most part not having to prepare a meal or wash the dishes is the least we can do for our mothers once a year.

    For some of us it is a day to honor our wives, the mothers of our own children. Sometimes it is easy to forget that your wife is the mother you honor, especially when the nest becomes empty and the kids have gone off to start a life on their own, often times starting  new traditions with their own new families.

    Then for some  of us it is all about memories of our mothers who have passed away. That is where Best Friend and I come in, both our mothers have been gone for several years, and all of our own children have grown, and are on their own.

    Best Friend and I often find ourselves comparing things like food that mom made to foods we have had at different places. I find myself often saying things like “boy this stuff sure reminds me of what mom used to make.” But somehow it often comes up short of what we actually remember. It may be the special touches you remember the most.

    One of those memories was when mom baked our birthday cakes she would bake a two layer Devils Food cake with chocolate frosting. The thing that I remember the most was when we were small she would wrap coins in tinfoil and put them under the cake after it was baked. So when you got a slice of cake you would always look on the bottom to see whether you would get a nickel, dime, and if you were really lucky a quarter. For you younger readers a quarter bought a whole lot more than it does today.

    I am sure there are many traditions that each of you can remember about your own mothers.

    One of those traditions, I remember is this story I once heard about one mom’s tradition. One time a  family was celebrating Christmas at the home of one of their sibling sisters.  While she was preparing the meal she cut a chunk of ham off the end of a large ham and placed it along side the main part of the  ham in the pan. Her sister that was watching her asked why she cut off the end of the ham and placed it along side the larger piece. She replied “because that’s the way mom  always did it.” Her sister replied, “the reason she did that was because she didn’t have enough room in her pan to put it in whole!”  It goes to show sometimes traditions are sometimes developed out of  necessity.

    I hope you had a great Mothers Day!

Have a great week and do good!