WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Walnut Grove — If you have noticed a drop box for clothing on Highway 14, near the old elevator buildings, on the south side of the road, it belongs to the Southwest Minnesota Disabled Veterans chapter.

    Bruce Baker of Walnut Grove says, the Marshall chapter has an agreement with Savers of Sioux Falls to purchase, for so much a pound, clothing, shoes, books, bedding and blankets.

    He says they pickup from the collection points in  Marshall, Tracy, and Walnut Grove, and haul it to Sioux Falls.  There the items will get recycled and sold to the public.

    Almost all the money they receive goes to help veterans in various ways. “We donated patio furniture to the Veterans Home in Luverne. We help sponsor a goose hunt for handicapped veterans, and we help sponsor the traveling Viet Nam War Memorial Wall,” he said.

    The DAV also helps to see that veterans get the help they need with getting their medical benefits.

    Baker became interested in the DAV when he started having problems related to Agent Orange back in the early nineties.

    After having the collection  box on site for just two weeks it was completely full.

    Baker says if you are a disabled veteran and would like to join the DAV you can contact him for more information at 507-859-2205.