WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook Sometime early Saturday morning a thief or thieves broke into the Westbrook Home Center. The thief or thieves gained entrance by forcing the front door of the building.

    According to building  center  manger Harold Lamb, no money was taken, however well over a thousand dollars in contractor power tools was taken. Several other small miscellaneous items were taken such as work gloves, and spray paint.

    Lamb says, it appeared that they knew what they were doing because they focused on the higher end contractor tools. He also figures they had to be in the building for at least an hour, judging by the time it had to take breaking  into the fire proof file cabinet. They forced the top two drawers, but were not able to gain access to either one.

    No money was missing, but Lamb says, we will  be taking the cash off the premises daily from now on. He says we are still working on a dollar figure of the loss,  but he is sure it will be well in excess  of $1,000.  

    Westbrook police chief Alan Wahl was called in to investigate the break-in. If anyone may have  information about the break-in, they can call the Westbrook  Police Department.

    The night before a reported attempted break-in at the American Legion Club was foiled by an alarm system.

    Two break-ins in Windom were reported at Peterson Jewelry, and the Verizon  store Thursday. Two suspects in the burglaries were apprehended by the Windom Police.