WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook — Sometimes cloudy days often can have silver linings. Last year a cloud fell over Kate Jorgenson and her family, causing her to lose her left arm above the elbow. Since that time the community and area have come together to help the Jorgensons with a couple of benefits along with Tim Orth foundation that held a recent fund raiser in Fairfax.

    It appears that more than a little Silver Lining is coming to the Westbrook community and area.

    On Saturday evening, June 28, during Fun Days, there will be a rock concert featuring former Journey lead singer Kevin Chalfant, Lynard Skynard guitarist Randall Hall and  Alex Ligerwood the voice of Santana. The artists will join the Headliner  Band from the Twin Cities to perform a benefit concert.

    If you are a believer in fate and chance happenings, then this has to qualify. Recently Kate’s dad, Jim, was talking with a man who is a representative of a wind generator company after they had installed one of the devices on the Jorgenson farm. In the conversation the subject of Kate’s accident came up and the man told him he had connections with a couple of rock performers that do benefit  events. It was presented to him as a way to help Kate.

    Right away Jim and Nikki Jorgenson thought, although it would be nice, they  turned it down. They were somewhat over-whelmed with what the communities had already done for their family. But then after thinking about it and talking it over they decided this could be a way for them to give back to the community.

    Chalfant, Hall and Ligerwood all now do many benefit events. The rockers have had very successful careers and now they are using their time and talents to give back.

    The theme for the event will be called Keeping Up the Kourage.

    According to Manda Jorgenson, a benefit concert committee of people mostly from the Westbrook Womens club and the Westbrook Area Volunteers are spearheading the event.

    The  event will require some changes  in other  Fun Day events, but many of the former events will still be held.

    Committee member Amanda Jorgenson says, “the concert is being geared for all ages so the entire community has the option to participate.”

     The concert will be held inside the city park ball diamond. A large tent will be set up for the event which will hold about 2000 people.

    Food vendors and beer gardens will be inside  the ball diamond,  along with a kids section for viewing and access to pop and candy vending area.

    During the concert  there will be a the option for a meet  and greet with the artists.

    Tickets will be sold for a chance to win a guitar that will be signed by the artists on stage for the winner.

    There will are tickets available for the VIP section they sell for $25 and include seating plus a private bar and their own bathrooms. There are less than 100 VIP tickets available and there will be none sold at the gate. General admission tickets in advance are $10 and $15 at the gate. Tickets can be purchased from the Westbrook City Hall and First Avenue Salon.

    Keeping up the Kourage is a benefit for Kate Jorgenson, but Kate and her family wish to give back to the community and those who have given Kate so much through her journey. The Jorgensons have requested the proceeds be returned to the community as a thank you for everything they have done for them.

    The planning committee is hoping the Jorgensons will accept a portion of the funds to help offset future medical expenses.

    Jorgenson said, “The generosity of the performers makes this event financially obtainable, but the extreme generosity of our community has already made it a success.” This could not have been done without the generosity of the sponsors of the event.