WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Walnut Grove — Superintendent Loy Woelber outlined actions of the past legislative session regarding education.

    Schools will receive $25 per student more next year. The limit for funding for English Language Learners has been extended from five to six years. Local administrators have always felt that five years is often not enough time for these students to become proficient in English.

     Ten million dollars will  be distributed across the  state to assist with implementation of teacher evaluations.

    The free and reduced hot lunch program has changed, previously families either  qualified for free or reduced depending on income levels and other factors. Now kids will either be qualified for free or full price meals. However all kindergarten students will receive free breakfasts regardless of income level.

    There will be more money for school readiness. One point eight million dollars across the state will be distributed to districts.

    A representative from World Class Tours will come to the July board meeting to make a presentation about class trips with a question  and answer session.

    At the last board meeting the board reduced the capital outlay budget to $400,000 down from requests of $429,000. Since that time a couple of areas were further reduced, making the capital outlay budget $391,000.

    Secondary Principal Bill Richards gave his report. He attached a schedule to be used for registration for students in grades eight through eleven. He asked the board to look it over to spot any bottlenecks or time issues. He will also look at moving sections to improve numbers or deleting sections with less than  eight students.

    Diplomas for past students based on change in law regarding state testing have been ordered.

    Richards also gave some suggestions for the Student Handbook. Some of the issues involve policy of make up work for students going on vacation a week or more, during the school year. Use and access to network for non-school devices and use of social media. Guided Study Time added to assist in student completion of assigned work. Revision in Assessment and shift to Standards Based Grading Possible.

    Superintendent Woelber gave his report.

    He reported that summer employees  are the same basic crew as last year, with one student worker in Walnut Grove and two in Westbrook.

    Summer lunch program started Tuesday May 27. All students 18 and under are free, parents can also purchase their meals.

    He noted there was only one applicant for the Spanish teacher position. One of the problems with hiring a Spanish teacher and sharing him or her with Red Rock Central is that with RRC not being in the FLY, the teacher would have to teach two extra weeks because of the difference in schedules.

    A draft of a new school brochure was presented, changes were suggested to add summer lunch program, and put it on heavier paper.

    Woelber talked about the preliminary budget for June. He says, “the special ed is a bit tricky in terms of funding and what we will get. However we did get an influx of money in this area.”

    The following items were acted on by the board:

    • MREA membership was tabled until the June meeting due to not having a dollar amount.

    • Resolution to work with Southwest State University for Student Teaching was passed and adopted.

    • A Service Animal  Access policy to school district facilities  and school sponsored activities was unanimously adopted by the board.

    • First reading of a new Data Request Policy For Subjects of Data. No action taken further review was requested.

    • Resolution putting school year (9) month employees on summer leave of absence beginning May 20 was adopted.

    • Declare surplus property and advertise for sale (T.V.’s,  textbooks, lunchroom tables, floor cleaning  machine, Walnut Grove shop door) was approved.