WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     The Walnut Grove City Council met in a regular session on the 12th day of May, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the council room.

    Present:  Greg Hansen, Jeff Harnack Todd Harrington, Leonard McLaughlin, Andy Foster, Chad Freeburg, Dusty Vandeweile, Jon Boerboom, Buddy Baumann, Randy Tietz, Terry Flesner, Joe Zwach, Bob Zwach, Kevin Jenniges, Mike Zeug, Tom Hansen Kerwin Armitage & Rick Robinson

    Absent:  Xiong Yang

    Mayor Hansen presided at the meeting.

    Fire Chief Chad Freeburg was present to discuss the purchase of a used International 7600 cab & chassis for $68,500 to be used for the water tanker truck for the Fire Department.  They would be using the tank from the old truck and having it mounted on this chassis.  The cost for the vehicle and the refurbishing would be between $125,000 and $130,000.  The fire department has requested using the ambulance replacement funds for the amount that they do not have available in their fire truck replacement funds.  This would be paid back to the ambulance vehicle fund over a period of time to be determined at a meeting in August.  The council approved the use these funds and the  purchase of the truck and for the Fire Department along with the refurbishing and remounting of the tank onto the chassis.  The township members present also approved this plan.

    Kerwin Armitage presented the water/ wastewater report.  The UV system has been started and tested and appears to be working fine.  The shed was delivered and set in place.  The final clarifier shaft has been repaired by DPC.  All work orders have been completed and the plant systems are working properly.  

    Kerwin has received a quote of $1237 from Trent Baker for an awning or lean roof to go over the UV system to keep the system dry if repairs would be necessary during rainy weather.  The council will review this and make a determination at a later date. Kerwin has also received quotes from both Swede's and Trent Baker for a shed or cover for the preliminary treatment area.  The council will review these quotes and make a decision at the next council meeting.  

    The council will meet at 6:30 on June 9 at the treatment plant to see the UV system, and to look at the options for the quotes that were received.  The council meeting will then begin at 7 p.m. in the city council room.  

    Rick Robinson from Dakota Supply Group was present to discuss the cost of the water meters and a radio read system with the council.  The council determined the city will use the composite meter and tops to replace any that need to be changed out for now, and will look at switching to a radio read service in a few years. The cost for each meter will be about $130.  The council determined they will no longer install outside readers unless there is a specific need to be determined by the clerk and maintenance person.

    The city received 3 quotes for the cost to demo the 3 properties the city purchased at the forfeited tax auction.  The lowest quote was from L&S Construction Corp. for $8200. Maas quote was $11500, and Rogge was $13500.  The council accepted the quote from L&S Construction to have these buildings demolished.  

    Update:   The International 7600 fell through and the Fire Department instead purchased a cab and chassis from Kohls-Weelborg Ford in Redwood Falls for $50,095.75.  

    Chief Freeburg asked the council for permission to apply for a $1750 DNR grant.  The council approved this application.  

    Tom Hansen presented the maintenance report to the council.  G&H will begin working on the plumbing issues in the community center on June 9.  Carter will then replace the sidewalk in front of the community center and over the railroad tracks after that time.  The sidewalk replacement was budgeted for in 2013 and the council approved this project.  

    Discussion was held on financing the new John Deere tractor.  The council approved paying the $16147 for the tractor and not financing it.  

    The council determined they would like to sell the old grader by sealed bids at the June 9 council meeting.  Tom will get the information on it and try to get the word out to anyone that may be interested.  The council determined the minimum bid should be $3000.  

    Discussion was held on the required retro-reflectivity policy for signage.  This policy will be reviewed and approved at the June council meeting.

    The council approved the Resolution appointing Knakmuhs Agency as the City of Walnut Grove's Agent of Record for 2014-2015, and resolves that the City of Walnut Grove does not waive the monetary limits on municipal Tort Liability established by MN Statute 466.04.  

    June council meeting will be June 9, 2014 and the Audit meeting will be held June 23, 2014 at 7 p.m.  

    The council approved the Minutes for the April 12, 2014 regular meeting and Claims #36063 through 36135.