WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     This past weekend Darrell “Ike” Eichner brought in a note with some  of his thoughts about the recently celebrated Memorial Day.

    In his comments he said, “another  Memorial Day has come and gone, for those of you who attended the local service you saw and  heard a sterling tribute to the departed veterans of our area by our VFW and American Legion members.”

    “The program and ceremony at the cemeteries were “All American,” as it should be. If you have never had the opportunity to see the Westbrook Cemetery on “Decoration Day,” you have missed an awesome sight.”

    Eichner went on to say,  “that’s what brings me to the purpose of this dissertation.”

    If you live to far away and would like to visit the grave sites of your departed loved ones, you now can travel via your computer to find them. Thanks to my dear daughter-in-law Peggy Eichner,  she has spent a part of her vacations here photographing all of the grave sites in our area.

    She started doing this several years ago as a member of Ancestry.com, she uses this as a method of preserving the information for the future.

    Eichner also left information on how people can  do their own searches of our area cemeteries.

    To Access the free Find A Grave Website: Go to Google Search, type in “Find A Grave” then click on “www.findagrave.com.  Click on “Search For A Cemetery” Fill in:; Name: Westbrook; Country: The United States (pull down menu); State: Minnesota (Pull down menu); County: Cottonwood (pull  down menu); Click on “Search” box; Click on  “Westbrook Cemetery.”

    Then you can search for a particular name or click on “View all interments” and see an alphabetical listing which can be paged through. Click on any individual record for additional information and pictures.

    Cemeteries Peggy has  done along with Westbrook are: Rosehill Emmanuel Lutheran, Old Westbrook Lutheran, and Rosehill Mennonite Cemetery.


    Have a great week and do good!