WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook Mayor Dennis Phelps updated the council on the status of the fire damaged home on First Avenue. Apparently the home owner was paid off 100 percent of the claim including demolition costs. He has since left the area and local officials have been trying to get permission to demolish the home and collect some of the funds to do it.

    However the city has  had difficulty in locating this person and negotiating with him.

    Phelps told the council he had sent a letter to the State Insurance Commissioner to see if there is anything that can be done to get the demolition done.

    Phelps said he thought it was unusual that the insurance company did not withhold a percentage of the claim until all of the provisions of the claim had been met. He said the commissioner agreed that it was unusual, but that the insurance company was well within its right to pay out the full amount of the claim. He also noted there is no evidence of wrong doing by the insurance company. As a result Mayor Phelps is hopeful that the house will get demolished within the next 30 days.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad told the council that inspections of the swimming pool,  and the lagoon site are up-coming.

    Conrad  told the council it has been difficult keeping up with the lawn mowing  because of recent rains and  more in the forecast. Conrad said he would be painting the lines on the streets as soon  as he gets additional paint.

    A question came up about Fun Days. The council was wondering about parking for the Saturday night Rock Concert during the event. Manda Jorgenson  said we (the committee) are looking into that. Parking up by the school will likely be available with shuttles running to the concert. She noted also that people going to Rock Concerts usually expect to walk a few blocks to get there.

    The council discussed the status of properties that were notified by letter to mow lawns, and clean up their premises. Police Chief Alan Wahl said he has been following up when necessary. Mayor Phelps said we are making progress on some of them but it is an on-going issue.

    City Clerk Katie Steen told the council a representative of Brown Nicollet Health Department inspected the city camp ground. They told her if they have more than four campsites significant up-grades would have to be made. The city decided to cut it to four sites and hold two in reserve for special occasions.

    The council briefly discussed the new stop signs erected in the city. For the most part the council thought that people are getting use to it. Although there was a corner that has stop signs on two opposite sides, and a yield sign from one other  direction, that will have to be looked at.

    The VFW Club was granted a building permit for property acquired recently from Klasse Sales and Service. The property abuts the current VFW Club. Plans include new rest rooms, storage and a patio.

    Dave Stresemann was given a permit to install a concrete driveway at his residence on Fifth Street.