WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     The Walnut Grove City Council met in a regular session on the 9th day of June, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the council room.

    Greg Hansen, Jeff Harnack, Todd Harrington, Xiong Yang, Leonard McLaughlin, Mike Zeug, Tom Hansen and Kerwin Armitage were present.

    Tom reported the city pickup is in need of more repair than he feels is worth putting into it. He presented the council with a number of quotes for pickups he believes would work for a city truck. The council agreed to purchase a truck from Rob Albertson for the city for the negotiated price after trading him the old city pickup.  ($6900 was the negotiated price determined Tuesday June 10.)

    Hansen, Xiong, Harrington and McLaughlin met at the wastewater treatment plant at 6:30 to tour the plant and see the UV system. Mayor Hansen called the meeting order at 7:00 p.m. in the council room at the city office building.

    Kerwin Armitage presented the water/wastewater report.  Thein Well Co. completed the annual inspection.  There are problems with a cable in Well #1.  Kerwin will follow up to see that it gets fixed.  Final cleanup and landscaping has been completed at the plant by KHC.  Kerwin will be having the water meter at Wilder Suites Apartments rebuilt.  Paula will contact the owner and discuss how the usage will need to be estimated for the time that the meter is out.  The city has received the annual report from the MN Pollution Control and they recommend that the clarifier is in need of replacement and it will be addressed on the next permit.  

    One bid was received for the grader that the city was selling by sealed bid.  The council agreed to accept the $3501 bid by Michael McCarthy for the grader.  

    The council determined they would not have an awning or lean roof built to go over the UV system.  Discussion was held regarding the quotes from both Swede's and Trent Baker for a shed or cover for the preliminary treatment area.  The council chose to accept the quote of $9237.84 from Trent Baker and have him build a shed to cover the preliminary treatment area.  

    Discussion was held on whether or not the city should purchase a different jetter or if they should contract this work out as needed.  The council determined they should continue to look for something that would fit the city needs and decide and make the decision of one at that time.

    Tom Hansen gave the maintenance report to the council.  The plumbing has been completed in the community center and Carter will be doing the cement in front of the building and the crosswalk over the railroad tracks as soon as possible.  He will replace the sidewalk by the street after the July events.  

    Tom asked the council if they were interested in getting rid of the unused equipment at the shop. The council agreed to have Tom scrap the old Christmas lights and sell the 3 point lawn mower and the V-plow for the estimated value of each.    

    The city received an offer of $10 to purchase the garage on 9th street property that was purchased at the forfeited tax auction to be moved to a different location.  The council determined the building would not hold up well enough to be moved and decided to have it demolished with the house.

    Discussion was held on the required retro-reflectivity policy now required by the state.  The council determined that the policy should state that they will do a blanket replacement of all stop signs and driving signs at a cost of approximately $2800 in 2014 and these signs would be replaced as needed after they have been used for the time they are guaranteed for by the sign company which is typically 10 years.  All street name signs will be inspected and replaced as needed.  

    Discussion was held on lawn maintenance in Walnut Grove.  The council determined they would like the ordinance to state that grass in excess of 8 inches would be in violation of the nuisance ordinance.  The council repealed ordinance 141 and adopted Ordinance 179.  

    Chief Zeug hired part time police officer Andrew Dirks for the City of Walnut Grove.

    The clerk asked the council if they would like to transfer unused street repair funds of $50,000 from the general fund to the 4M fund to keep those funds tentatively ear-marked for street repairs.  

    The city is currently carrying 3 utility bills in the system that they have not been able to collect payment on.  The auditors suggested that they be purged if they do not believe they will collect these funds.  The council agreed to have these accounts purged from the billing system.

    The sewer debt fund 305 will no longer be needed because that debt has been paid.  The council approved the transfer of the balance in fund 305 to the general fund and to close fund 305.  

    Fund 308 will not be needed any longer because that debt has been paid.  Motion by Leonard McLaughlin, second by Todd Harrington to transfer 40% of the balance of that fund to the water fund and 60% of the balance of that fund to the sewer fund and close fund 308 and to divide the special assessments to be received into the water and sewer fund at 40% & 60%. All voted in favor, motion carried.  The payment for the remaining 2004-2005 utility improvements will continue to be paid from the water, sewer and storm funds.

    Tim Pilaczynski has requested that the city assign a separate address for the shop at 100 Hwy 14 as he is doing business from there.  The council assigned 96 Highway 14 to the shop building at that location.

    June Audit meeting will be held June 23, 2014 at 7 p.m.  

    The council approved the Minutes for the May 12, 2014 regular meeting and approved claims #36136 through 36200.