WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG — Duane Hannan, Information Technology person, gave a presentation on the schools wireless net-work. He told the board, prior to this past year we had an open network that provides internet signals throughout both sites in Westbrook.

    Hannan explained that there is a limited amount of bandwidth which  classes and labs share with guest, and students. This often creates overloads on the system, sometimes preventing class rooms from having adequate access for classes.

    Also guest users were not informed of the school’s acceptable policies. Another problem is that students  accessing the internet on their personal devices were not supervised.

    Hannan told the board those personal devices are still subject to the filtering we have placed on the network.

    During the past year the network was changed to a closed network that was password protected. Faculty, lab, and laptop computers were password configured. Students with personal devices were no longer allowed access to the internet. Guests were able to log on to the network with a secure password.

    An upgraded network would allow for segmenting and management of the bandwidth. Bandwidth-managed Guest could access after a policy acceptance splash login screen. Bandwidth and content-managed Student access with personal devices after a Splash login. (Splash login asks the user to accept for signing off on school internet policies).

    Faculty, lab, and laptop lab access would not limit bandwidth.

    Hannan noted that WWG is a GOOGLE School allowing for off site storage.

    After researching the different network management systems available, Hannan told the board he feels Aerohive Management System would work best for WWG.

    The system for WWG would increase signal to a couple of areas in both sites, the auditorium in the tech campus, and the Main gymnasium at the high school.

    Hannan said the system will increase the efficiency and it will enable better control of the bandwidth use.

    Hannan estimated the cost of the system which includes hardware,  licensing  and software to be $9,941. Since that time, after reconfiguring the costs, that figure was reduced to $7,700.

    The board voted to install the new system.

    Superintendent Loy Woelber told the board he had a bit of good news. The budget projections for the 2014-15 school year will still have a healthy fund balance of over two million dollars. The projected general fund balance for 6-30-14 is $2,149,336, the projected balance for 6-30-15 is 2,280,849.

    Revenues of $6,113,818. The additions include pay increases for all staff, additional management Paras, and field trip dollars from integration to general expenses. Subtractions include staff reductions and superintendent sharing. The district will also receive an additional $25 per pupil unit from the state revenue formula.

    Athletic Director Leo Theisen gave his report. He gave the board a chart of participation numbers for the past five years. Most of the sports have been holding their own but some of the paired sports have continued to have low numbers. Those in 2014 that continue to be low are wrestling (4), boys soccer (2), baseball (8).

    He also talked about interest in reinstating pairing with RRC in softball. There was an idea to pair with RRC and hold games and practice at Plum Creek Park. However Theisen told the board that probably will not happen. That would most likely have an effect on the  number of girls from WWG going out for the sport. Theisen said “more details need to be worked out, and  we need to visit with their coaches.”

    Theisen also told the board the new districts are in for football in 2015. The sub-district for WWG would include: Cleveland, Nicollet, GHEC/T, Madelia, MLA, SWU, Edgerton Elsworth, Fulda, and WWG. West Lutheran of Plymouth will be added in 2016.

    High school and jr. high Principal Bill Richards gave his report.

    High school scheduling is complete with a need for revisions based on changes of staff and student needs.

    Richards asked if the board would like him to review the work loads of the three music teachers. He suggested a more balanced workload as a means of maintaining a stronger K-12 program.

    Richards mentioned several student policy updates for the student hand book. Policy for makeup work for planned absences. Use and access to network for students. Guided Study Time.

    He noted the summer maintenance work is going very well.

    Summer Lunch program has between 25 to 50 students per day.

    Richards listed several challenges for the 2014-15 school year as related in conversations and check out.

    Making better use of Guided Study time. Student attendance, and redeveloping school spirit. Standards based grading. Insurance. Expectations of part time staff in activities beyond the normal school day. Responding to the ever-greater needs of school reaching beyond the academic day at home.

    Superintendent Woelber told the board summer projects are going well. Van routes are being set up, but we still are looking  for some drivers to fill some positions. The first of July Woelber will begin splitting his time at SWU.

    Board clerk Ginny Barron told the board she had attended board clerk training. While there she talked to a person about how to handle election duties. She felt someone in the district office should handle the duties. Woelber had sent out a local survey and found that in most cases someone  in the district office does take care of it. It also requires five hours of special training every two years. Woelber will look into having someone in the office take over those duties.

    The board took the following  actions:

• Accepted the retirement of Kathy Phillips.

• Approved the hiring of Stacy Lien to the administrative office, Para transfer from Walnut Grove.

• Approved a resolution establishing filing affidavits of candidacy for WWG school board.

• Directed Superintendent Woelber to get bids for milk and bread products for 2014-15.

• Approved MREA membership for 2014-15 school year.

• Approved an average increase for all support staff personnel and additional paraprofessional adjustments for 2014-15 school year.

• Approved a motion for the school board of ISD 2898 and Education Minnesota Westbrook Walnut Grove to jointly agree to implement the attached teacher evaluation and peer review process in accordance with M.S. 122A.40.

• Approved literacy plan for 2014-15 school year.

• Approved updated, state mandated, bullying policy.

• Approved split of fourth grade class for Reading and  Math.

• Approved a lane change for Brenda Derickson from BA to BA 15.