WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Recent Supreme Court decisions have really got my ire up. Let me preface this with the disclaimer that I do not have any qualifications that would give me any particular insight into constitutional law.

    Having said that, with recent Supreme Court decisions I am highly suspect of the justice’s grasp of the constitution.

    I can find no reference in the constitution or amendments that would support their decision to consider a corporation as an individual so that those so called “individuals” now have the right to spend outlandish amounts of money supporting candidates of their choice.  Of course I also do not agree with how Super PAC’s are allowed to pour tons of money into targeted areas to unseat candidates who are unfriendly to their special interests.

    I have said this before, the question the Supreme’s should have considered when they decided that these corporations could be treated the same as individuals is “show me the human DNA!” That is not philosophy, that is science, you know, the same stuff that proves any theory.

    I am not pointing fingers at any one political belief,  no matter which side of the isle you lean toward, both sides take advantage of it. The end result is usually not good for the middle class and low income folks.

    In any case, I am not completely opposed to corporations, and PAC’s throwing their money behind their causes. Some of them might actually benefit almost everyone.

    The most recent decision of the high court allowing Hobby Lobby to discriminate openly against women employees, I find,  is far more damaging to our Constitution.

    The court has ruled that Hobby Lobby does not have to include women’s health regarding birth issues to be included in their insurance packages. Is that not a form of discrimination? Women should have the right to make health decisions regarding reproductive health issues. It is, in my view, a blow for the rights of those women.

    Religious freedom is known, by many, as freedom from government involvement in religion. However what most people don’t understand is that it also protects our government from religion. If you think that sounds bad, just try living in any of the islamic countries in the middle east. There is absolutely no freedom of religion in most of the middle east countries.

    Then what comes next, will Hobby Lobby be allowed to ask job applicants questions about their religious beliefs. Then deny employment because they don’t agree with the company’s religious beliefs? I feel this could be a slippery slope we are headed down, and I don’t think there is much anyone, including congress, can do about it, short of ratifying a constitutional amendment in a majority of the states. That would not be easy, nor should it be, these and other issues are serious matters that would require a lot of thought and debate.

    Have a great week and do good!